Friday, June 3, 2016

Audio Books - Where the Characters Come Alive!

Posted by: Linda Mooney
Raise your hand if you've ever listened to an audio book.

All right. I see the majority of you haven't. So my question to you is, Why not?

For the price of a hardback book (or less), you can take the audio version of your favorite books with you on your phone, and listen to it wherever you go. It's hands-free entertainment!

What's more, you get to "hear" what the characters "sound" like. You get the timber of their voices and the nuances of what they say. You can actually imagine yourself being right there with them when the action happens. Even better, with every repeat listen, you'll be able to catch something new and different, the same way you do when you're re-watching a favorite movie.

The majority of authors personally oversee the creation of their works, right down to the correct pronunciation of the characters' names and places. They make sure the action sequences sound as exciting as they should, and the loving moments are tender and emotional. 

If you're curious, you can get a "taste" of what an audiobook's narration sounds like by clicking on the SAMPLE button. Check out the ones I have here for an example.

With summer coming on, you may not want to lie out on the beach or in the backyard and read. Instead, why not close your eyes and let yourself get lost listening to a good book?

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Coming June 14th
Now Available for Pre-Order

Paranormal FantasyRomance
Word Count: 43.6K


A kingdom rife with rumors of the evil that lays in wait on the fringes of the woods. Fairy tales of curses, animalistic beasts, and an inhuman prince. Lady Bethel has heard the stories all her life, but what she once thought were just stories told to keep a child in line could prove to be so much more.

The daughter of Lord Voril of Banderling, Lady Bethel spends her time following in her late mother’s footsteps, caring for the sick in the villages surrounding Banderling Mayne. While traveling home after dark, against her father’s warnings, Bethel and her guards are attacked by what she thought were wild animals, but she couldn’t be more wrong. When she awakens, she can’t remember much, but she remembers voices. Particularly one—her savior.

Adain has taken it upon himself to hunt down the beasts that threaten the kingdom. The number of attacks grows, but he will stop at nothing to end the monsters he knows all too well. Having been in exile all his life, he must remain the faceless benefactor to Lady Bethel, despite his growing feelings, for she can never know the reality of his world.

Tales will be told, truths will come to light, but above all, love will reign.

Warning! Contains a deep forest retreat, death, blueberries, possible solutions, attempted kidnapping, and a birth defect with unimaginable consequences.

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