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Additional Scene From X MY HEART, a SciFi Romance Novel by Linda Mooney

Posted by: Linda Mooney

This year on my blog date, I will be presenting ALL NEW CONTENT from some of my previously released books. This content will be available on my website, where you can download it and read for FREE. If there is a particular book or series you'd love an extra "tidbit" of, just put it in the comment section below!

This month, I'm offering up this additional scene from X MY HEART, a sci-fi romance novel.

~ ~ ~
It's been twenty-seven months since Earth last saw any of the Medusa ships or the aliens who created them. During that time, humanity remained hidden in their underground bunkers, fearful of returning to the surface. Terrified that the creatures might return.

But after so long, the world's population has decided it's time to emerge, to rebuild, and to hope again. And as that news is imparted to Sergeant Gretchen Twoey and her misshapen, alien-created husband, Sergeant Leif Stoddard, they also get word of two possibilities they'd prayed might someday happen, but never dared to dream they’d come true.


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HERE BE NEWS for Monday, January 25, 2021

Posted by: PG Forte


Monday, January 25, 2021 

Welcome to HERE BE NEWS, where each monday we bring you all the latest from the fantasy romance authors at Here Be Magic:

Tuesday, January 19, 2021: Author Angela Campbell pens a heartwarming tale about a feral cat, and the lessons she learned from him in Writing Lessons Learned from a Cat Named Hughey.

Thursday, January 21, 2021Do You Judge a Book by the Cover? Author Maureen Bonatch wants to know. Check out her post and decide which of her covers you prefer. 

Thursday, January 21, 2021

Do You Judge a Book by the Cover?

Posted by: Maureen

By Maureen Bonatch 

          Scruff considering working on his novel                                           

I admit it. I don’t like to think of my fiction books as a business. Like many authors, I often refer to my stories as my ‘book babies’. I talk about my characters like they’re real people in my life. I cherish my covers like a priceless painting. 

My most recent release, Till Death, a short psychological thriller, was my first attempt at self-publishing so I’ve been busy learning all the things, including getting to a gorgeous cover. Author and cover artist, Alison Hendrickson, made a wonderful cover. I thought it represented the story well, here’s the cover and blurb: 

 Honor, obey...or slay. To protect an innocent man, a dutiful wife challenges her vengeful husband…with disastrous results. 

 Gina believes that mirrors hold bits of the soul, a rabbit's foot brings good luck, and that marriage vows are until death. But most of all, she’s blindly followed her husband Rick’s philosophy. Nasty men get one chance to convert from their abusive ways —or suffer the consequences they bring upon themselves. 

 But when she meets George, Gina begins to question everything Rick has led her to believe about men. Now Rick has George lined up to be the next man to be redeemed. Will black widow Gina honor and obey and weave her web around George, or will she become the next victim? 

I felt that the heart on the cover was symbolic to my protagonist’s struggle with desiring a healthy loving relationship even though she didn't quite understanding what that means, as well as her role in luring the what she considers a nasty man

 But as I continued to learn all the things (between writing, and self-publishing, I think I will always be learning all the things) I started to play with creating Amazon Ads. I quickly learned that advertising through Amazon wasn’t going to happen with this cover. 

 It was felt that my beautiful cover had ‘excessive gore or violence’ and therefore I couldn’t create ads for Amazon with this cover. 

Keep in mind that this story is one of 13 other authors featuring murder, mystery and mayhem and revolving around Friday the 13th. A date considered ominous or unlucky by many, and also known for some frightful films. 

So despite adoring my first cover, my books had to be more than just what I loved, but also what readers expected and loved. That meant it was back to the drawing board for a new cover for Till Death that would still capture the ‘heart’ of the story but wouldn’t be tagged for appearing too violent. 

My cover artist came through once again, and here’s the updated cover for Till Death. 

 But like both my babies at home, it’s hard for me not to love both covers. 

 Do You Judge a Book By Its Cover?

Author Bio:
 Maureen Bonatch grew up in small town Pennsylvania and her love of the four seasons—hockey, biking, sweat pants and hibernation—keeps her there. While immersed in writing or reading paranormal romance and fantasy, she survives on caffeine, wine, music, and laughter. A feisty Shih Tzu keeps her in line. 

Find Maureen on her website, Facebook & Twitter Be the first to know about Maureen’s book sales and new releases by following her on BookBubAmazon and/or signing up for her newsletter

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Writing lessons learned from a cat named Hughey

Posted by: Angela Campbell

Whew, it has been a rough year (2020), hasn't it? How is everyone holding up?

I know a lot of you have been writing, and others have been reading a lot more. Me? I've been rescuing cats.

For those who don't know me, hi, I'm Angela, a crazy cat lady slash paranormal romantic suspense author. I've been volunteering for the last few years with a small cat rescue organization in South Carolina, and I am now on the board of directors and knee-deep in cat rescue. I was laid off in March 2020 and am still unemployed (need a technical writer, journalist, or marketing person? Call me! Honestly, need anything? Call me. I'm lonely.). To fill my suddenly free time, I started fostering during the pandemic. I have fostered probably 20 to 25 kittens and cats since March. I really should hang a sign out that just declares me the Crazy Cat House. 

Today I thought I'd tell you about Hughey. What does a cat named Hughey have to do with writing or reading? Bear with me. 

My friend and I met Hughey this summer when he suddenly showed up at a cat colony we manage. This means we've trapped, spayed or neutered, and vaccinated feral cats that live outdoors in a group. Cats, contrary to public belief, are social creatures who enjoy each other's company. Hughey was very skittish and limping, and it took us a few days to trap this newcomer. 

When we took him to the vet, fearing he'd been hit by a car, we were told his injury was an old one. "I would say, based on the break and damage, it was caused by a golf club, possibly a baseball bat, or similar object," the vet said. He believed someone had intentionally beat this poor cat. Worse, Hughey's hip had been broken and healed improperly. The vet did not feel surgery would help as it would be too rough a recovery, and expensive. Especially for a feral cat we originally planned to re-release to our colony.

He recommended that I keep Hughey confined so that his leg/hip could further heal since it did have a lot of inflammation. "My guess is he's reinjured it recently and it could use a rest." Six weeks confinement, he said.

So, we had him neutered and vaccinated, and Hughey became another foster. 

Hughey was not happy about this either.

If you've ever worked with feral cats, you understand when I tell you I feared for my life at feeding time. Hughey would lunge and spit at me and take vicious swipes anytime I neared his crate — one sized for a large dog. He got me good a few times, and I bled for days. It was clear he wasn't adoptable.

I began searching for a feral cat sanctuary for Hughey. Everyone was full. No takers. We started advertising for a farm where Hughey could live as a barn cat. Not ideal, but it was a better solution than returning him to the streets with a bum leg. Again, no replies. 

I feared I would be stuck with Hughey and moved his crate into my bonus room/office when the weather turned cold and he could no longer stay in my garage. A few weeks or so passed and I noticed something. 

Hughey watched me with blatant curiosity while I worked on freelance jobs and writing. He also stopped trying to kill me when I approached his cage. Let me pet him if I did it slowly. I was still afraid of letting him out because he still took swipes at me every now and then, and I can be a wimp when it comes to pain.

One night, not too long ago, I felt bad for poor Hughey and decided to test him. It had definitely been more than 6 weeks, and the poor cat has been confined for months. I could empathize since I have barely left my house all year. Maybe he needed to stretch. So, I opened his crate and went back to my desk.

Hughey watched me for a few minutes and then slowly crept out of his crate. 

To my surprise, he came over to me immediately, and while still a little skittish, he let me pet him.

In only days, Hughey turned into a lap cat, jumping into my lap and demanding pets while I worked. I introduced him to some of my other fosters, and he has made quick friends with two of them. I call them the three amigos. They do everything together now. 

Point is, Hughey had a rough start in life, got lost for a while, and didn't trust anyone, but he got a second chance and realized it. While it might have been scary for a while, he let himself trust again, and now, he is almost ready for adoption. My hope is that Hughey will find a home with someone who will love on him and give him the attention he deserves. 

Hughey will always have a slight limp. It will always be a reminder that he overcame something awful in his life, but you know what? It doesn't seem to bother him one bit when he runs and plays with his kitty friends.

In a way, I was like Hughey. Ready to give up and hate the world and everyone in it after 2020. I considered turning my back on writing, the one thing I've always wanted to do. But you know what? I think I'll give it a shot again and make it my resolution to write more of the content I want to write, and read, and not just what people pay me to write. 

So if you're like me and you've been struggling with your writing, don't be so hard on yourself. Most of all, don't give up.

Hughey didn't. Neither should we.

Angela Campbell is the author of the psychic detective series, a paranormal romantic suspense series featuring ghosts, sexy psychics, haunted houses, serial killers ... and cats and dogs. Learn more about her books at www.angelacampbellonline.com. She also tweets way more than she should about her foster cats. Follow her on Twitter at @angelacampbel.

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HERE BE NEWS for Monday January 18, 2021

Posted by: PG Forte


Monday, January 18, 2021 

Welcome to HERE BE NEWS, where each monday we bring you all the latest from the fantasy romance authors at Here Be Magic:


~ ~ ~


Fantasy/Paranormal/Time Travel Romance
by Linda Mooney
Word Count: 35.5K
$2.99 e

It's said a witch without a familiar is considered lost, but a warlock without a familiar is deemed soulless.

Yordan Squires has a rather lonely existence. As a warlock capable of time travel, he’d resigned himself to a life of solitude long ago. When he finds someone possessing the magicks like himself, she could be the answer to his loneliness. But it’s too dangerous and selfish of him to ask her to accompany him on his travels.  

Ravenelle is a sprite, or so she’s told. She doesn’t know what she is or how she has powers, but when she finds someone who does know, she doesn’t want him to go away. Despite her healing abilities and invisibility, she’s ashamed of the life she has been forced into. Cold and hungry, she’s had no choice but to sell herself, and now she’s in grave danger from the man who owns her.  

Yordan vows to protect his Ravenelle. As perilous as his travels are, she would be safer with him than fending for herself. But sometimes trouble follows, no matter where or when you end up.  

Separately they are special. Together they are unstoppable.

Warning! Contains changeable coins, a tiny hourglass, a horse barn, invisibility, fight or flight, rocky food, differing norms, and a man who learns what it's like to finally discover the other half of his soul.

Excerpt and Buy Links

Tuesday, January 12, 2021Author Ruth Casie introduces us to a fascinating, if little known, holiday in The Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day!

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

The Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day

Posted by: Ruth A Casie


I enjoy sharing posts about weird and funny holidays on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Without the family with us this holiday, I decided to plan my 2021 Social Media Calendar. I found some fun days, but the one that struck was the one for today, The Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day. I did the obligatory research…

Gena Kaufman wrote in Glamour… “It sounds like it was invented by an all-male revue in Vegas to attract bachelorette parties.” Like Gena, I could not find much about it. We both came to the same conclusion—enjoy feasting your eyes on hot guys!

I dug deeper. I didn’t find any record of how or why this holiday began. Some websites suggest the day was promoted by the greeting card industry. I also found recognition of the holiday on calendar sites and personal blogs. One site confirmed they could not find any congressional records or presidential proclamations.

 How to celebrate.

Many of the blogs and sites I found had suggestions for celebrating the holiday:

  • What them at work (if you’re not quarantined)
  • At a bar (if you can find any that are open and serving in doors)
  • Walk the mall (you can see where this is going)

On Facebook you can find a plethora of posts featuring swoon-worthy ‘book boyfriends,’ shirtless (or partially shirtless) men on book covers, and much more. Don’t get me wrong. I have a few on my books.



 But what exactly is a wild man, and a fabulous one at that?  I went to the website Checkiday, created by Seth Westphal whose goal is to have the most complete holiday listing with details of each holiday.  Seth seemed to be as stymied as me. “As far as we can tell, it is a day for feasting one’s eyes on hunky, good-looking men—men who are both fabulous, …classy and refined, and wild …unrestrained, rugged and free.”

 How I’ll Celebrate!

I can look at book covers or enjoy the men in my life by feasting on the most fabulous men I know... my husband, my son, and my son-in-law!

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HERE BE NEWS for Monday January 11, 2021

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Monday, January 11, 2021 

Welcome to HERE BE NEWS, where each monday we bring you all the latest from the fantasy romance authors at Here Be Magic:

Tuesday, January 5, 2021: Author PG Forte plays Holiday Catch-Up with last minute sales and freebies.

Thursday, January 7, 2021: Author Nicole Luiken discusses her WiP plan for 2021.

Now Available as an Audiobook!


Paranormal, Urban Fantasy Romance
by Linda Mooney
Word Count: 38.2K
$2.99 e / $9.99 p / $14.95 a

Narrated by Daniela Acitelli
Length: 4 hrs, 17 min
Hear a Sample

The body was not hers, and there was the possibility her life could be in jeopardy.

Not feeling well, Nadia Logermeyer, a twenty-eight-year-old dental assistant living in New York City, lies down to rest, only to wake up in the hospital...in Houston, Texas. In someone else's body. With someone else's name. And with someone else's husband.

She has no idea how or why she's now Ehrynn Rose, or why Ehrynn tried to take her own life. All she knows is that as soon as she's able, she needs to return to NYC to find out what happened to her own body. 

But that's not the worst of it. She's falling in love with Nash Rose, Ehrynn's husband. Unfortunately, the couple are in the midst of a sticky divorce, and her claims of a body switch are only making things more complicated.

She's not Ehrynn Rose, but it's quickly getting to the point where she'd give anything to be her. It isn't until she discovers the real reason why she tried to commit suicide that she realizes the danger isn't over yet.

Warning! Contains a prenuptial agreement, a monkey-shaped birthmark, visits to pawn shops, high-end fashions, long-distance revenge, a pink Bentley, and an incredible circumstance that threatens a new-found love. 

Excerpt and Buy Links

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