Sunday, March 27, 2016

Blasters, Phasers and Starships, Oh My!

Posted by: Steve Vera
What is it about science fiction that captivates so many people?

Is it because it instantly conjures images of deep space and swirling galaxies? Or perhaps it's because it appeals to those deep recesses of every person's innate sense of imagination? Aliens maybe? Bright green turbolasers in outer space? I could go on, and I really could, but the bottom line is that sci-fi fans are no joke. (Say that three times real fast)

Interestingly enough, for every devout sci-fi wanderluster walking this earth, there is an obverse science fiction disdainer. We all know these people, they are our girlfriends (or boyfriend), parents or the couple sitting one booth over at the local tavern. They give a little roll of their eyes, a shake of their head, or that polite smile you know instantly to mean, "Oh, you're one of them." Most times it's good-natured, other times not so much, but rarely will you hear a person say they could either take or leave science fiction. People either love it or run screaming for the hills with their hands on their ears.  Swatting at the air.

That's why it's so delicious when a wanderluster can convert a disdainer. I have a friend, true story, who thought Lord of the Rings was boring.


After I was able to suppress the twitch that developed instantly in my left eye, I suggested we keep an open mind and try a different approach. Mind you, I know this is fantasy and we're doing sci-fi this week but bear with me just a moment more. It'll make sense. I was committed to getting her to see the awesomicity of fantasy so I did what any other self-respecting disdainer converter would do: I introduced her to GAME OF THRONES.

And then I sat back and cackled maniacally as she binge-watched every single season.

The thing is, I've never been able to actually do the same for sci-fi. As nerdy as I am, I only minored in sci-fi, I'm a fantasy major. I need help. One of my best friends in the universe has never seen Star Wars, never seen it! And she has no desire to. I want to convert her very badly, but she's a millennial, and millennials can be funny when it comes old school movie wizardry. What once were dazzling special effects to a sixth grader who would have sold his best friend's left arm for a lightsaber is merely quaint to her.

She must be converted.

I need a movie or a book or a something, there's so much to choose from, so much that I'm paralyzed by limitless options. I need help. This is your mission if you choose to except it. She's open minded. You're computer will self-destruct is seven seconds. Just kidding. Your computer is not going to self-destruct in seven seconds.

Steve out.


  1. Superheroes? Guardians of the Galaxy?

  2. I often recommend Jack McDevitt to friends who haven't read a lot of Sci Fi. Either his Alex Benedict series or Priscilla Hutchins series. Both have big ideas, but very accessible science. Benedict is an antiquities dealer, and those books read like detective story in space. Hutchins is an explorer, so it's just all cool. Plus, she's awesome. :)

    I second Guardians of the Galaxy as a recommendation! Or maybe some of the mind bendy sort of stuff like Inception. :D

    1. Yesss, Guardians of the Galaxy is brilliant! And I've never had the pleasure of reading Jack McDevitt, but I'm all over it. :) Thanks, Nicole and Kelly!


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