Saturday, October 12, 2013

Is It Fall Yet?

Posted by: Loribelle Hunt
For most of y'all in the northern hemisphere that's probably a silly question. I live near the Gulf of Mexico, though, and it's still summer for us. I probably won't be able to turn my a/c off for another month. I might be a little jealous of all y'all who actually have four seasons. Don't worry, it'll pass. I have a major aversion to snow lol.

Despite the heat, my calendar swears it's fall and to me that's always meant changes. And oh boy, are there changes going on around here. My oldest will graduate in May and is applying to colleges. My second girl will graduate the following May and also fly the coop. (I don't know when they got so old!). This is surreal. And puts the pressure on.

See, I have this thing about long term goals and I have always planned on selling our house when my girls go to college. That's also the year my boy will start high school so it's pretty much perfect timing. But even with a two year timetable there is so much to do. Several house projects. Bills to pay off. (Need to do that before the oldest takes off for college.) Books to write! Because those things cost money lol.

Which (finally) leads up to the point of my (not so) little changes post. I have 4 ongoing series right now (because I'm a masochist like that) and lots of deadlines. My usual writing method--pantsing and out of order--just won't cut it. So I'm trying out this shiny new thing called 'plotting'. Honestly, so far I'm struggling a little. It's hard to train your brain to do something differently.But I'm loving my new Southern pnr (Southern Magic series) and my new werewolves (Lunar Mates-Regis series) and aliens (Delroi Prophecy series) and super humans (The Elect series).

So is fall a season of change for you? What are they?

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  1. My youngest entered grade one this September. I'm still adjusting to all the extra time!


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