Monday, August 10, 2015

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Jeffe Kennedy's erotic, contemporary retelling of The Phantom of the Opera, the MASTER OF THE OPERA serial novel, is now available bundled in print!

An aria for lost souls

Fresh out of college, Christine Davis is thrilled to begin a summer internship at the prestigious Santa Fe Opera House. But on her first day, she discovers that her dream job has a dark side. Beneath the theater, ghostly music echoes through a sprawling maze of passageways. At first, Christy thinks she’s hearing things. But when a tall masked man steps out of the shadows—and into her arms—she knows he’s not a phantom of her imagination. What she can’t deny is that he is the master of her desire. But when her predecessor—a missing intern—is found dead, Christy wonders if she’s playing with fire…

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Now Available as an Audio Book!

Sensuous Urban Fantasy Romance
Co-Narrated by Guy Veryzer and Linda Mooney
Length: 6 hrs, 4 min.

They were deadly enemies, until a greater threat made them unwilling allies...and lovers.
Sherandar is the most cunning adversary Quazar has ever faced. He never knows when or where his worst nightmare will strike, but when she does, it's with the single-minded purpose to taunt him. Ridicule him. And to make his life a living hell. Regular cuffs and jail cells can't hold her, yet somehow, someway, Quazar has to bring her reign to a screeching halt.

But when a new enemy makes himself known, and tries to kill both Quazar and Sherandar, the two combatants realize the only way to defeat this deadly threat is to call a temporary truce and join forces.

It isn't until she lies broken, bloodied, and dying in his arms that Quazar realizes she has become more to him than his temporary ally. He has fallen in love with her.

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Nicole Luiken will be attending When Words Collide, the writer/readercon in Calgary, Alberta on August 14-16. She will be doing two panels Genres for YA? and Romance for Teens as well as a Blue-pencil Cafe and will participate in the Mass Autograph Session.

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