Saturday, August 8, 2015

Freedom! It's A Coastal Thing

Posted by: Jenny Schwartz

I love writing beach romances and have a number of stories set on Australia's coast. Living on an island (even if it is a BIG island) Australians have a strong attachment to the sea. Our cities are generally on the coast, and our holidays often have a beach theme. For me, the ocean symbolises freedom. Whether we're sailing away from it all, or merely watching wistfully as others do (as I was when I took this photo), the sea promises an escape from the everyday and a chance to be our most adventurous selves.

I'm trying to think of my favourite coastal romance, but really, how can I pick one? Jayne Ann Krentz writes beautifully of the Pacific North West, and I'm a fool for almost anything set in Cornwall (now there's a place on my bucket list). I guess if I have to pick one book, it's my own short story, "No Rescue". Honestly, who can go past a sexy sergeant in the Water Police and the incredible setting of Sydney Harbour? Not me!

The sea is inspiring. My critique partner and I have our monthly set-the-publishing-world-to-rights sessions at a beach cafe. It's the perfect place to kick back, laugh, chat and re-charge.

So I'm wishing you all a happy beach escape -- even if it's via a book!

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