Friday, February 24, 2017

Meet Cute

Posted by: Nicole Luiken
My husband and I met at a science fiction and fantasy convention—that there pretty much tells you everything you need to know about us. First meetings in my books range from the prosaic (neighbours) to the exotic.

Ways couples have met in my books:

1/ Chosen as the Unlikeliest Couple at a school dance
2/ Heroine falls off her stool in science class; hero helps her up
3/ Neighbours
4/ Amnesia victim of robots meets student nurse
5/ Hero proposes to girl he's just met in high school hallway
6/ Saving the heroine who is on the run from kidnappers
7/ Stealing a secret message on an airship
8/ Heroine wakes hero out of stasis
9/ Gunshot man knocks on door while heroine is babysitting
10/ Merman saves the heroine from drowning
11/ Hero is locked up in a secret room in a tower
12/ New boy at school
13/ Halfway up a bridge

Tell me which one intrigues you the most and I’ll tell you the title and post a snippet in the comments.

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