Monday, February 27, 2017

Here Be News

Posted by: Jenny Schwartz

New Releases

Fantastical Island by Jenny Schwartz is out! It's 99c for only a few more days - hurry! But will remain free to read in Kindle Unlimited. Amazon exclusive buy link:

Australian marine biologist, Naomi Twain, discovers an island of ghosts and magic - and someone is hunting its secrets!

For those who have never met a baku, it is something magical.

I’m Natasha Bolde and I see ghosts, well one ghost anyway: Clover Skye Baulsey, PI. In life, she was my best friend and mentor. In death, she’s been my rock, my conscience, my shelter. I’d follow her anywhere, but I really wish I hadn’t followed her to Britain’s Wildfinch Hall, because that’s where she disappeared.

The last thing she did was call for my help. Since I don’t know much about the spirit world I called Joe Nettleford, who moonlights as a ghost hunter. He’s good as what he does, but it’s kind of awkward since I refused to date him. So now I’m not sure what’s going to be more difficult: working with Joe or untangling the secrets of Wildfinch Hall and its ghosts. Still I’d better find a way to succeed at both. If I don’t, I’ll never see Clover again.

Available now:

 Games We Play, Book 2

Releases Tuesday February 28

Luke has mostly resigned himself to being "just friends" with Kristy, but working together, night after night, is shredding his self control. And that’s before the bar’s resident boggart gets involved!

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