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Do You Believe in Meant to Be?

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Before the holiday decorations are put away we're bombarded with Valentine’s Day. Whether you love, or hate, the holiday, one thing is for sure, love is here to stay all year long. Otherwise our hearts wouldn’t soften at every romance we’ve read, watched—or lived. We wouldn’t covet television romance movies, the ones on the big screen, and those novel characters coming to life in our hearts and minds.

There are a multitude of methods to get the couple together, but the end result is the same—true love—whether it’s a happily ever after, a happy for now, or having loved and lost.

What's your favorite method of a first meeting for the hero and heroine? 

Chance Encounter or Destiny? 

Do you believe if something is meant to be? In a story, or real life?

My husband and I will celebrate twenty-two years of marriage this year in March. Like many unexpected encounters, the day we met might never have occurred if not for a few twists of fate.

My friend begged me to babysit with her. I reluctantly agreed. After we finished, she insisted we make a quick stop at the mall. I protested. I dressed for babysitting messy munchkins, not going to the local teenage hotspot. But...I relented.

We arrived, and ran into another girlfriend and her boyfriend. While we chatted, a tall guy caught my eye. I leaned in to my friend to whisper my thoughts. Unbeknownst to me, my friend’s boyfriend overheard—and he knew ‘the cute guy’.  He promptly went over and told my future husband exactly what I said.

To my mortification, my future hubby walked over and said, “I heard you think I’m cute.”  I promptly died of embarrassment on the spot. Since I’m alive to tell this story, I’ve disproved the possibility of dying of embarrassment, because if there was ever a time it could happen, that was it.

Tempting Fate 

I could’ve refused to go to the mall, or fled when my future hubby mortified me with my own words, but I didn’t. I suppose, if we were ‘meant to be’ then I would’ve ran into him another time and allowed our fates to intertwine.

Sometimes it’s nice to believe things are following a predetermined path, but other times, I like to think I’m in more control of my destiny.

Holding Out for A Hero 

I have a little more control over my couples in my novels. I can throw them together through fate or circumstance.

Hope and Griffith were connected through dreams, so their meeting was inevitable, but their destiny together, was not.

Carmen and Dylan were thrown together through coincidence—or not. Only you can decide if it was fate.

Do You Believe in Fate or Do You Make Your Own Destiny?

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