Friday, May 1, 2015

Veronica does A Magazine Quiz

Posted by: Veronica Scott
These posts are pretty popular over on my own blog, so I thought I'd do one here this week. I was reading the April issue of Marie Claire  magazine and found a good Q&A they'd done with Fergie (the singer not the exDuchess - I bet they'd have very different answers LOL). The title is Opposites. Here are MY answers to some of their questions!

Would always: wear earrings, preferably long and blingy. Yes, even to the grocery store!
Would never: wear anything too revealing or attention-grabbing to work. Although I did wear a purple wig to the CFO's staff meeting once. Yup, that's as crazy as I got at the day job.

Picky about: unbruised fruit, berries with no bugs inside, fish not being past its  prime, pork chops cooked till they're really done, pink-in-the-middle hamburger...I think I was scared by a doctor TV show as a kid where someone died of food poisoning so now I'm paranoid about those expiration and sell by dates LOL.
Not so much about: chocolate. Give me all the chocolate!

Early for: everything. My mother said if you were on time you were already late, so I show up 15-20 minutes early. It's a curse.
Late for: Nothing - see above!

Getting better at: organizing things in my condo.. Since I quit the day job, I actually have time to stop and put items away, or so I tell myself.We have like eight pairs of scissors because in the old, messy days, I could never find any so I'd buy another pair.
Getting worse at: sorting my paperwork and filing. I've been letting it pile up. Which I KNOW is a bad idea that will bite me in the end.

Moment of triumph: (Fergie picked a concert where she sang on the beach for a million people. Wow!) Giving birth to my daughters with no pain meds. And I'm the kid who failed PE, hated exercise...but I was proud of me, getting through labor. Twice.
Epic Fail: (Fergie talks about making lasagna in a contest with Josh.) Hmmm, EPIC fail. Oh, I came around a freeway curve going way too fast, traffic was stopped in front of me, slammed on my brakes (which locked), pinwheeled across the freeway in front of a semi, flew off the overpass, rolled three times and landed upside down. I guess not only did I fail to navigate the freeway bridge, I was late to work. I survived though, so that counts.

Would try once: Fergie said hot air ballooning. OK, I guess, sign me for that up too.
No thanks: she picked shark cage diving. I'd go with parachute jumping, which I'll never do unless a Navy SEAL holds my hand all the way down to the ground.

Perennially cool: Kindness to others
Never cool: Trolls

Endlessly curious about: Fergie said new fashion shows. I love fashion too, although I don't know any designers personally (unless watching every  moment of every iteration of Project Runway counts???). I'm endlessly curious about ancient Egypt and other ancient mysteries, anything to do with archaeology. Oh and dinosaurs. I WILL click on those links.
Zero interest: Fergie has no curiosity about the McRib sandwich. I'm with her there! I have no interest in knowing more about Gwyneth Paltrow or anyone from a certain family whose name starts with K. But to be fair, I'm sure none of them has any interest in me either so it's all cool. We live and let live.

Adding one of my own: Can't wait for: Jurassic World (dinosaurs)
Will see on dvd later: Insurgent
No interest: Anything Marvel except for a sequel to Guardians of the Galaxy. I grew up as a strictly DC comics gal and just never got into the Marvel Universe. Nothing against them, just they weren't part of my fabric of life. Thor is darn good looking (also Hawkeye) and I could probably watch Tom Hiddleston read the phone book....

Here's the trailer for Jurassic World, just for coolness ("It's not about control. It's a relationship." Yeah, with velociraptors????!!!). And Chris Pratt:


  1. I dreamt about going on vacation with Michael Kors last night so I guess my subconscious was still pondering this blog post LOL.

  2. This was fun! Do we get to hear the story behind the purple wig?

    I'm with you on the parachute issue. There's no way I'd be able to make my legs jump otherwise.

  3. I'd jump out of a plane with a Navy SEAL any day (and a parachute!)

  4. If you come to the LERA conference this fall, we could arrange a hot air balloon ride. Just saying...


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