Saturday, May 30, 2015

Are Dragons Still...Hot?

Posted by: Marie Harte
I recently held a contest where I asked my readers to tell me what they thought the current trend in romantic fiction to be.

To my surprise--since I see the current trend in the return of contemporary romance--many proclaimed paranormal romance to be the popular genre right now.  I've spent the past year or so writing contemporary romance, so I was hoping to hear that contemporary romance is hot.

I'm also pleased, because I have a new/old series coming out that's paranormal.

I don't write to trends because what's popular is ever changing. Vampire romance was HUGE a few years ago. Now shifters are the new black. But what about dragons? Demons? Angels?

It seems to me paranormal popularity goes in waves as well, especially when one particular series sparks reader attention.

So I'm glad to hear that paranormal romances are popular. But then, I wrote The Dragons' Demon back in 2007, when I was feeling demonish. I like to change up stories to keep myself interested, and when I first started my Ethereal Foes books, I was loving the thought of making perceived bad guys the good guys. I gave life to a place where dragons, demons, and other sexy if malevolent creatures lived together in the dark of the Abyss. Books one and two released, but my editor wasn't keen on a third book, so I moved to another series.

Fast forward several years, and I'm ready to release books one through four! The first two stories are re-releases with better editing. But the third and fourth books are brand new. I'm so happy to complete the series, though of course there's always room for more stories set in that world.

The return to dragons and demons has me all fired up. There's nothing quite like a dragon to stir trouble, after all.

For some fun, here are some other dragony romance books you might want to check out:

Ethereal Foes series--Marie Harte
Dragon Kin series--Shelly Laurenston
Elder Races series--Thea Harrison
Aisling Grey: Guardians series--Katie MacAlister
Master of Dragons--Angela Knight
How to Date a Dragon--Ashlyn Chase
Dragonfire series--Deborah Cooke
Dragon Knights series--Bianca D'Arc

Any other recommendations to share?

Marie Harte
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  1. Nicole Luiken's new YA book Through Fire & Sea, features a dragon and a merman. It's my new addiction. :)

    Congrats on the new releases, Marie--and the gorgeous covers!


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