Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Meankitty's Advice for Authors: Social Media

Posted by: Jody W. and Meankitty
We (almost) all have to deal with it. An author human can't hunker down behind a typewriter and simply pound away in 2013, refusing all interviews, public appearances, and book tours. No longer can writers afford to be the mysterious, possibly hypothetical deep thinker behind the books. And if an author tries, the author (such as JK Rowling) is likely to be outed by somebody and forced to step up.

Well, technically an author CAN avoid some of these things, since authors should have cats and the cats don't want the authors to leave the house, but a contemporary author does have to make him or herself somewhat available online, starting with an informative website that has a fan mail page and increasing in pitch and frequency until an author has a presence on pretty much every social media platform there is.

Meankitty, a long-time veteran of the internet (since 1999/2000, depending on how you count!), has taken it upon herself to offer up these bits of social media savvy for authors in 2013.

Q) What are the most important social media venues for authors to maintain?

A) Whichever ones don't interfere with the author's lap, as well as the author's ability to get me treats or let me in and out and in and out and in and out the door when necessary.

Q) Should an author make his or her passionate interests known, about such things as politics, religion and diet?

A) That depends. How does the author like hate mail? I personally love hate mail. I like to post it on my site, edit it so it contains a lot of references to ferrets, and invite fans to mock it with me. So if the human in question thinks that sounds like fun -- especially considering she's going to get hate mail about making fun of hate mail -- go for it. But then, the writer's name is probably NOT Meanauthor, so...

Q) If an author doesn't want hate mail, should an author's online presence be as friction-free as possible?

A) Sure, if you want to have all the personality of an old, beige dog.

Q) Ok, then what SHOULD an author complain -- or have colorful things to say -- about?

A) Not reviews, that's for sure.

Q) How can an author HAVE a personality online, then? What is safe?

A) Have you tried pictures of cats?

Q) How many pictures should I post of cats?

A) More than you post of dogs, other animals, children or your book covers. Or whatever you're having for lunch, unless it's a photo of how much your cat is enjoying your lunch.

So, authors, there you have it. Social Media by Meankitty. You're welcome.

Jody Wallace
Author, Cat Person, Amigurumist
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  1. I post random pictures of my cats so I must be doing this social media thing right!

  2. Ah - there are other means of avoidance besides cats (much as I love them). See my quirky blog http://fictionalcharacterswriting.blogspot.com


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