Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Spas are great … for murder

Posted by: Wendy Roberts

While writing my seventh paranormal mystery I encountered an age old problem shared by mystery authors everywhere; where to put the body.
Sadie Novak, the main character in my Ghost Dusters mystery series, does trauma cleaning so she’s had to tidy up murder victims in just about every location imaginable. For the latest book, I wanted something unique. 

While considering my options, a good friend gave me a gift certificate for a lip wax (exactly what kind of gift is that anyway??). Sensing this was a good time to take my hairy self away from my computer I made the appointment.

Even though I wanted to be at home plotting the next book, I arrived at the spa and smiled warily at the esthetician. My mind was stuck in homicide mode, however, and I was grateful the woman couldn’t read my thoughts. As the beautician applied scalding wax to my face, I had an epiphany. Drop Dead Beauty would have a murder in a spa!

Having my mustache ripped from my face fueled this great idea and I began to pepper the spa employees with questions about killer paraffin and murderous massages.

“Do you think your Relaxation Room would be a good area for a blood’n’ guts trauma cleaner to don and doff her hazmat clothing?” I asked the receptionist.

In response I was offered a coupon for ten percent off future services if I left quickly and quietly.

In this case, a little pain provided great gain because (A) the idea flowed beautifully into the story, and (B) I was able to go back for full body massages that I could use as a tax deduction. I love my job!

To get the full impact of my mustache removal, please buy DROP DEAD BEAUTY. I have other parts that need waxing and massaging.
So how about you? Has anyone caused you pain recently? If so, where would you hide a body?


  1. I can imagine the looks on their faces as you're plotting murders in a spa. LOL. I do lip waxing too and it doesn't hurt as much as it used to.

  2. Maybe that's the trick ... to do it regularly. I'll make a note that more pain = less pain. ;)

  3. I made the mistake of having a lip wax. OMG. Never, ever again. I'll join the hubby and shave my mustache at the bathroom sink before I ever let someone rip my face off again. :)

    The book sounds like fun. Gotta go get my copy.

  4. Now you know why the waxing had me planning a murder, Tori lol! Don't know how women manage that level pain in even more, um, sensitive areas!

  5. Ow. Ow, ow. Yeah, some stranger fiddling with any tender body part would make a reasonable person homicidal.

  6. whoops, that's really me, Kate.

  7. I've only ever done legs and eyebrows. I don't find it that bad, really. Anything else just sounds *much* more painful.

    Looking forward to reading this one, Wendy!

  8. LOL! I so wish I had been there to see their faces as you asked your questions. I've only had my eyebrows done. Can't imagine the pain it would cause in more sensitive areas. :(

    Btw, I have 'Drop Dead Beauty' on my Kindle. Just waiting for a chance to read. :)

  9. Kate/Duet there should not be any fiddling involving pain!

    Tanya, legs sound painful too ... maybe I'm just a big baby.

    Meg, thanks so much for downloading Drop Dead Beauty!


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