Saturday, May 25, 2013

Being superwriter...Or what are you doing this summer?

Posted by: Loribelle Hunt
I am lousy at coming up with blog topics other than music and movies. (Anyone seen Star Trek yet? I'm dying to, but have to wait until June 5. *cries*) But the subject of juggling my life and writing has been on my mind recently.  Especially since my kids just got out of school for the summer. I figure a lot of us have this problem.

Last year I had so much real life going on, that other than edits on contracted books, I accomplished next to zero. This year I'm determined to do better and so far so good. So in a move of complete insanity, I agreed to take my kids home this summer. For two months. And stay there with them. Why? Because clearly I am certifiable.

But there is method to my madness! My oldest (17yo) is doing a summer internship at my mom's law firm. My 16yo has lined up some volunteer work. And dad has hiking trips planned out for my boy. Lots and lots of hiking I don't have to go. (Or so he claims now lol.)

So I've put together an ambitious writing schedule for the summer. I've been averaging about 35k a month this year and under normal circumstances I'd never attempt that during summer vacation. This year I'm going for it. Hopefully everyone will be so busy things will go well. If not, there's always the pool to retreat to, right?!

Anyone have cool plans for the summer? Going somewhere exciting? Let me live vicariously. :)

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  1. I wish I had exciting plans this summer, but nope. I did see Star Trek yesterday. Great movie. :)


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