Friday, May 17, 2013

Paranormal/fantasy heroes: A list of some characters who inspire my muse

Posted by: Angela Campbell
A friend and fellow author did a similar post to this recently, and feeling inspired (I mean, who doesn’t want to write about hunks, er, I mean heroes?), I blatantly stole her idea, which I’m sure she stole from someone else, so all’s fair, right? Plus, I really couldn't come up with a better topic to blog about today. What are you gonna do?

Anywho. She did a list of her favorite heroes, from TV, film, and books, and gave an explanation of why they were hero-worthy to her. I’ll dive right in and offer up six of my own favorite paranormal and fantasy heroes. I really could have done a list of 100 of my favorite heroes, but I randomly picked these six. Can I please note that I also came thisclose to including some of the heroes created by Here Be Magic contributors, but since I haven't read everyone's books yet, I didn't think it was exactly fair to single anyone out. But it was tempting. Jax Garren, I'm looking at you. And you too, Veronica Scott. Points finger at Eleri Stone. And...I'll stop embarrassing myself now.

Feel free to leave your own favorites in the comments section. I adore being introduced to new characters!

Damon Salvatore. To be fair, I haven’t read The Vampire Diaries books, but I watch the TV show every week. Ian Somerhalder is just…wow. Love him. He took a character I thought was only eh in the first few episodes of this show and developed him into a complex bad boy who’s constantly torn between his own gratification and his love for his brother and friends. He’s relentlessly unpredictable as a result. And yes, I watch The Vampire Diaries and I’m not a teenage girl. Back off.

Bones, from the Night Huntress series. I love, love, love Jeaniene Frost’s series of books and fell in love with Bones just as the book’s heroine Cat did throughout this series. Gotta admire a man who joins a secret agency devoted to killing his kind simply to be near the woman he loves.

Dean Winchester. Supernatural is my favorite TV show for a reason, and Dean is that reason. He is THE alpha demon hunter on television. Jensen Ackles, who portrays Dean, rocks socks. And I wouldn't want to mess with him if I were a demon. Just sayin.'

Mouse Guard. Please tell me you didn’t just ask yourself, “What the heck is Mouse Guard?” OK, given my utter weirdness, it’s a fair question. Mouse Guard is a comic book written and illustrated by David Petersen. It’s set in a world of sentient mice who live in medieval times paralleling the same period in human history. The Mouse Guard are essentially guards/soldiers who help the other mice survive attacks and the such. I don’t even know how else to describe it, or one character to single out as the best hero, but if you’re open to comic books, this one is awesome. Plus, they're mice with swords!

Legolas Greenleaf from The Lord of the Rings. Confession time. I suffered through the books (please don't pelt me with rocks), but I enjoyed the movies, mostly. There was one character who stuck with me, and it was Legolas. The reason? I was drawn to his kindness and gentle nature, and he had some mad skills with that bow and arrow. Plus, he was kinda cute and all.

The Doctor. I’m a recent convert to this SF/F show from Britain thanks to Netflix, but I’m totally hooked on Doctor Who. What can I say? I’m a sucker for quirky, smart, and witty heroes who brandish nothing more than a sonic screwdriver when slaying aliens, monsters and the such. Plus, bowties are cool.

There’s my list. What’s yours?


  1. Great post, and I loooooove these types of topics! :D I'm right with you when it comes to Dean and Legolas (let me just admit I didn't read the LoTR books, so my opinion is based solely on the movies).I also have a soft spot for Dyson from Lost Girl (the boy was willing to give up his wolf for Bo! *Sob*)

    Castiel (from Supernatural) also gets my muse pondering - sure he's not the kick-ass piece of hot stuff Dean is, but he sees/experiences the world so differently to the other characters, that it's hard not to wish that I could sit down and chat to him over a cup of coffee.

    When it comes to the Doctor, I tend to narrow the focus and say the Tenth Doctor is my favorite(the growth of that character through his turn on the series is phenominal, and his 'departure' always makes me cry). I just can't find a reason to like the 11th/current Doctor enough to stick with his series.

  2. Aiden Turner from the Hobbit--An Unexpected Journey, will do just fine. Every time I watch the movie, he stands out that much more. Wonderful screen presence.

  3. Natasha - Agreed on The Doctor. The Tenth is my favorite by far. And Castiel is awesome. :)

    Emaginette - Would you believe I still haven't seen The Hobbit movie? I really need to make time for that.

    Thanks for commenting!

  4. I second (third?) Dean and Doctor Who! Also, Daryl from TWD, Peter from Fringe, Tyrion from GOT (does he count as a hero?), Samuel from the Mercy Thompson series, Barrons from the Fever series, Faolan from Well of Shades, Adrian from The Black Hawk (that one's not SFF but he's still one of my favorites). Geesh, I could go on but I'll stop there before I totally embarrass myself. Too late?


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