Friday, July 22, 2016

On Fallen Trees and Fairy Curses

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This is what’s been happening at my house this week. 

A powerful storm blew through early Sunday morning and took down a hundred year old Bur Oak and two Hickories, landing on our house and deck. Thank God we weren’t home at the time as most of the heavy damage happened to my son’s room. So everyone’s okay and we’re working through all the tree removal/insurance/contractor stuff right now.

BUT here’s a story I think you all at Here Be Magic will appreciate:

A few days before this happened my husband was talking about cutting down this small tree that was overshadowed by one of the Hickories. It had thorns and was a pain to mow around.

“But I think that’s a Hawthorn,” I say. “It’s really bad luck to cut down a Hawthorn tree.”

“Why’s that?”

“You know, fairies.”

Husband sighs. “We’re taking it down.”

So we come home after the storm and every tree in our back yard has been uprooted and hurled at the house, except for the Hawthorn tree. At first, we think it's a goner too. You can’t even see it beneath the downed trees until some of the debris is cleared away.

The Hawthorn tree is a little damaged and the tree guy wants to know if he can take it out to make room for the crane, so we tell him the story and say, “Your call. We don’t want to tell you to cut it down.”

I mean, the tree is standing right there. It can hear us.

The tree guy defers the decision to his second in command and… long story short, no one wants to be the one cutting down the Hawthorn so we’re keeping it.

Mother Effing Fairies

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