Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Gearing Up and Winding Down

Posted by: Cindy Spencer Pape
I'm really excited to be interviewed tonight by Tamara of My Shelf Addiction on a live podcast. I'm up on her blog right now, and you can check it out! Then tune in at 6 to hear our chat. Click here. This is in preparation for the Rust City Book Con, here in the Detroit area, in August. And you may be surprised to find out that the book I'll be discussing in the interview isn't steampunk. No. I'm not just "that steampunk girl" any more. (Although I will be part of the steampunk/historical meet and greet at the con and will definitely be all geared up for it!) However I certainly will be front and center at Motor City Steam Con, the 22nd-24th of this month, chatting with some of my favorite author friends.

So what to expect at a steampunk Con? Here are a few of my favorite pics from other conventions:

Never let the writer play with guns.

 Love and the Aether Beast

 The crew of the HMRAS Defiance

 Seriously folks, this really IS the parking lot. No Photoshop here.

 The Clockwork Queen.

 Awesome HBM Alumna Seleste Delaney, who will be there too!

 And the author doing what authors do.

See? Tons of fun to be had. Maker credits for deck gun and Aether Beast to the fabulous Watts family who help make Detroit cons fun and photoshop work was done by a dear friend. The Queen's pitiful makeup is all her own fault, LOL. But you never know when she might turn up again.


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