Sunday, July 3, 2016


Posted by: Jenny Schwartz
Have you heard of holleriders? No? Shawn, the hero of my latest paranormal romance, Plague Cult, is one. Other people might call him a huntsman.

Holleriders (and, yeah I completely made this up) are those who ride with the Wild Hunt. They deliver justice, and when they ride, terror rides with them.

Shawn is an awesome hero! Not exactly what you'd expect from a former marine and Tennessee boy -- or maybe, exactly what you'd expect! He's kind, honorable, and his magic will send a shiver down your spine.

The Wild Hunt is a legend of northern Europe. (I didn't make this bit up). The identity of who leads the Wild Hunt may vary, but basically it is hell unleashed on the land. I imagine it as an anthropomorphism of a terrible storm. All hell breaks loose and people huddle inside. To venture out is to lose one's life -- and one's soul. The terror is real.

Plague Cult is 99c until July 10, so pick up your copy today!

In a small Texas town a desire for love becomes a curse that could unleash a deadly plague.

Ruth Warner is estranged from her family. She loves them, but her magic makes her an outsider in Bideer, Texas. Ruth has built a new life in New York. She’s a healer at the Collegium, respected and…lonely. Sometimes, you have to go home.

Ruth’s boss orders her to Bideer after a local coroner reports a suspicious death. Could the new cult in town, a lonely hearts club, be playing reckless games with a death curse?

But if Ruth is going home, she’s not going alone.

Shawn Jackson is a Collegium guardian, a mage trained to fight evil. He’s also a man accustomed to keeping secrets. He’s a hollerider, a huntsman; one of those who birthed the legend of the Wild Hunt. When he unleashes his magic, terror rides with him.

As evil stalks an innocent town, the dedicated healer and battle-hardened marine must heal their own broken hearts to prevent a devastating plague.

Warning: Plague Cult includes a haunted house, an unconventional ghost, and a home renovation love story.

If you love your paranormal romance fast-paced, intense and chilling, Plague Cult is irresistible.

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