Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Cover Love

Posted by: Janni Nell

For this post, I was challenged to choose two of my favorite covers: one of my own and another from Here Be Magic. Choosing a cover among all the great ones on HBM was a tough challenge, but choosing one of my own covers was like nominating a favorite child. Still I’m up for the challenge so here goes.

Both the covers I’ve chosen are eye-catching and convey the genre at a glance.

Dead Monk Walking uses red against a grey background to create a striking, eye-catching image. The graveyard setting and the misty shading around the words “Dead Monk” show immediately that the story is going to feature the paranormal. The use of lime green for “Janni Nell” is a bold choice that works really well for contrast and to highlight the author’s name. I fell in love with this cover the first time I saw it.

Dead Monk Walking
Cover designed by CrocoDesigns                  


The second cover I’ve chosen is Desire to Fall by Shona Husk. I love the drama of this cover and its bold use of color. The pose of the winged woman instantly says erotic and dangerous. The background of concrete and graffiti hints that the setting is going to be in "one of the roughest" precincts in town.

Desire to Fall
Cover designed by Syneca Featherstone             

Barnes & Noble

So that’s a couple of my favorite covers. What’re yours? And why do you love them?

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