Saturday, July 30, 2016

How Was That Werehamster Story?

Posted by: Linda Mooney
It started with werewolves. Big, ferocious, very Alpha. Not quite man (or woman), but not animal, either. But a poor soul who
changed from one form to another either because of a curse or by natural instinct. Of course, they would take over the paranormal romance world first because of their previous prevalence in literature, and in movies as far back as 1915. (My favorite were- movie by far is Ladyhawke.) 

There were also silkie stories (wereseals), thanks to Irish and Scottish legend.

Since then, we’ve had weredogs, wereducks, weredolphins, weredragons, weretigers, and werebears, to mention a few. I admit I’ve been guilty of writing about a weresnake, alligator, lion, bear, deer, and coming soon, an eagle and cougar. But some “combinations” have left me scratching my head. Why?

Think size. It makes perfect sense to me that a grown man could become a wolf because their sizes are compatible. Relativity is important to me as a reader and writer. But when a hero becomes something that is barely a tenth in size, or a creature that is a hundred times bigger, I find myself cracking up. Of course, I fully blame Dracula and his alter persona, a bat.

Is there a were- combination that surprised you?

Is there a were- combination you haven’t read but would like to?
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While I have your attention, you might want to check out few of my were-books:


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  1. Wereducks surprises the heck outa me.

    Oh, and you are so right about Ladyhawke. Gorgeous movie!


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