Sunday, April 26, 2015

Switching Genres

Posted by: Janni Nell

My last paranormal, the final book in a series of five, was published in 2013. You’d think I’d be glad to finish but I really missed Allegra, my paranormal investigator, and Casper, her hot guardian angel. So much so that I struggled to find new characters and begin another paranormal series. Everything I came up with felt wrong. I needed something new, different. I’d always loved fun chick lit mysteries so in 2014 I started writing one. That one turned into a series of three novellas. Here’s an interview with the heroine Sassy Chance.

Janni Nell: What was your life was like growing up?

Sassy Chance: I was an only child in a single-parent family. Mom was always a little off-beat, so it was no surprise when she dumped me with Great-Aunt Gracie and ran off to join the circus. Poor Gracie. I was fifteen and well on my way to turning rebellion into an art form. But I hadn’t counted on how tough my great-aunt could be. I’ll always be grateful that she never gave up on me. If I amount to anything in life, it’s all down to her.

JN: Is Sassy your real name?

SC: Unfortunately, yes. My mom is off-beat, remember? I think she was hoping I’d live up to it. I’m sure I’ve disappointed her.

JN: You also have an interesting middle name.

SC: Well, I don’t talk about it much. People think I’m kidding. Or worse, they laugh. My middle name is actually my mom’s maiden name. Okay, it’s Dainja (pronounced danger). Feel free to chuckle.

JN: How would you describe your personality?

SC: Oh, I don’t know...  My best friend says I’m brave, caring and loyal, but she’s just being nice.

JN: What one thing would you take to a deserted island?

SC: Since Devlin Fox is a person not a thing, I guess I can’t say him, so it would have to be my favorite pair of designer shoes. I know, I know, they’d be totally useless. But they’re pretty and they remind me of Great-Aunt Gracie.

JN: Where would you go on vacation?

SC: Anywhere I could afford. So there won’t be any vacations in my immediate future.

JN: What is your major skill or talent?

SC: This is kind of depressing, but my only real talent is for getting in trouble. I mean I just seem to attract it. The Queen of Bad Luck that’s me.

JN: Do you have any hobbies?

SC: Not unless you count shopping.

JN: You sell shoes, if you had to pick another career, what would it be?

SC: Don’t tell Devlin, but I’d like to do what he does. He’s a sort of P.I.—unlicensed—and he’s great at martial arts. Of course, I have no skills that would be useful for a P.I. and as for martial arts... Don’t make me laugh. I trip over my own feet.

JN: What’s your favorite color?

SC: I like most colors. I don’t really have a favorite.

JN: Favorite food?

SC: Salad. That’s weird, right?

JN: What are your future plans?

SC: My immediate future will involve looking for another job. Knowing my luck, things won’t go smoothly.      

JN: Thanks Sassy, it’s been great interviewing you.

SC: Hang on a minute. I’ve got a question for you. Now that you’ve written my story, what are your future plans?

JN: I’m working on a new paranormal. That’s all I can say at the moment because I’m a pantser and even I don’t know what it’s about yet.

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