Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Home Beautiful

Posted by: Jenny Schwartz
It's research, all right? I look at houses and interior design pages and generally dream about places I could never afford to live in not because I'm a hopeless procrastinator, but because my writing demands it. No, really.


I'm not convincing anyone, am I? The truth is, I flat out adore looking at the clever buildings people have created. So I thought I'd do a post sharing some of my favourite inspirational sites:

Tiny Houses Blog - for life lived small and beautiful.

Coastal Living - they have fabulous, fabulous beach-y photos.

Wooden Boats - actually I don't follow this site, but maybe I should.

Home Edit - lots of cool and do-able ideas.

and here's one for the dreamer in all of us Luxury Real Estate.

So, do you have any house/design sites that you have to follow?

I also have a stash of architecture and design books. Hmm, maybe I am a tad obsessed :)

PS I also recently found an island I'd like to buy. Any billionaires feeling generous? Petra Island.


  1. Great post, Jenny! Those are some fabulous sites. Here's one that I like: http://www.oldhousedreams.com/

    1. What a fabulous site! It's bookmarked :) Thanks, PG


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