Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Meet the Author - Eleri Stone

Posted by: Veronica Scott

Continuing our periodic interviews with the authors who make the magic happen, today it's my pleasure to host Eleri Stone. I'm thrilled that the next book in the Lost City Shifters series, "Rebellion" is coming out on April 1st. My kindle is primed and waiting to download LOL!

"Threads of Desire" was her most recent book...

Tell us a little about yourself:  I grew up in New Jersey and left after graduation to attend school at the University of Iowa. I never imagined it would be a one-way trip, but after marrying my college sweetheart, we settled in the Midwest to start a family (3 kids).  I love the ocean and still hope to someday live within driving distance of a beach. Also, my family is scattered up and down the east coast and even though we visit often, I miss them terribly. I’m the oldest of five, each of my parents had seven siblings and I have 31 first cousins. Fun fact for the in-laws: No one’s ever made it out of our family alive.
What prompted you to start writing? I’ve always loved to write. The biggest challenge for me was figuring out how to persevere through to the end. I love the high of working on a new story. It used to be that once I knew in my head how the story was going to end, I would run out of steam. It wasn’t until my youngest started preschool that I set myself the challenge of finishing and submitting one of my stories. That was MERCY.  (VS sez: I LOVED “Mercy”.)
What’s your writing process? I find first drafts incredibly fun and revisions incredibly tedious. I think it’s because I tend to write tight which means revisions are a matter of splicing extra information into the text rather than thinning it out. I hear people say they love revisions all the time and I just don’t get it. I regard them the same way as people who say they love to do housework.
Where do I write? Everywhere. Desk, couch, car, sports practice, waiting rooms, bed.
What’s your guilty pleasure? Chocolate? Coffee? Oh, probably TV. There are a lot of shows I’ve been following lately—Game of Thrones, Lost Girl, The Walking Dead, The Americans, The Following.
What has surprised you about being a published author? What has surprised me the most is how much non-writing work is involved—marketing, networking, website design and maintenance, replying to email, keeping up with publishing news. There are so many, many things that can take you away from writing.
Quickfire :
Favorite TV Show: TWD. Because Norman Reedus, that’s why.
Tea or coffee: Coffee
Morning person or evening person: I’m a night owl. My 7 year old calls me a coffee zombie because apparently I’m incapable of coherent speech until after I’ve had my first cup.
Favorite time of the year: Summer. The kids are home and this is when we travel.
 Finish this sentence  “I believe in the Magic of……” Love.  Really, I do.
 What are you working on next? I have a couple of releases coming up—REBELLION (3rd and last book in the Lost City Shifters series) and WITCH BOUND (sequel to Demon Crossings—about a clan of modern day Vikings living in the American Midwest). What I’m writing right now is the second book of my new cowboys versus zombies series. A Paranormal Western. The first book, REAPER’S TOUCH, is due to release early 2014.
What one question do you want to ask your Readers today? What would you like to see more of in the paranormal romance genre?  
Where can your Readers find you online?


  1. Personally, I never get enough of Alpha Male shifters! Really enjoyed our interview....

  2. Thanks, Veronica! It was a fun interview to do:)

  3. Fun interview, ladies. Eleri, you and I have the same guilty pleasure, except I seem to watch far more TV than you listed. Yikes! Norman Reedus — agreed. Never thought I'd be so enamored of a redneck, but I am. Congrats on your upcoming book!

    1. Thanks, Angela! No one pulls off dirt the way Daryl does:)

  4. Yes, first drafts are so much more fun than revisions! And anyone who loves housework is definitely suspicious. :)

    1. Right? I think that's why I was stuck for so long on the draft stage.

    2. I used to have a terrible habit of doing a first draft, then chasing after a shiny new idea and doing another first draft and never getting back to the original story.

      A few years ago I tweaked my revision process so that I work on 2nd (large scale changes) and 3rd drafts (the nitty gritty polishing stuff I hate) at the same time so that by the time I finish the 2nd draft the 3rd is half done and isn't quite so daunting.

    3. I don't have a set # of revisions I go through. I kind of keep chipping away at it until I'm satisfied...and then stall out while I try to decide if it's good enough to send!

  5. What a great interview, Eleri. Thanks for sharing!


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