Friday, November 11, 2011

The Re-Read

Posted by: Marie Harte
First, thank you to all the veterans out there. Been there done that, and I know how much work and sacrifice it takes to help protect our country. So thanks again.

I'm shamelessly reposting this topic that I posted the other day. One, because it's relevant, and two, because I somehow forgot this was my day to post, even though I have it jotted down and listed on my own website! Gah. But here's a topic dear to my heart. Reading your books, over and over again.
People--who don't read--think I'm crazy for having such a huge amount of books. It's not a collection, I tell them. Because it's not. My library does not just gather dust. I've read every book I own on those shelves more than once. More than twice. There are some I revisit more than others, like old friends, years after their release. I remember plots and characters, but going back is opening up those pages of joy all over again. The memory is there but fuzzy, so refreshing it gives me that happy buzz.

Some reads I need when I'm feeling blue, others when I need to just laugh, and others when I'd like something to steam up my windows. Series books make great re-reads because I can see familiar characters and lead-ins to their romances, one at a time. I don't have to wait months or years to know how the next hero saves the day. Not when I already own the book.

You'd think the advent of the Kindle or Nook would have changed my library and reading standards. But no. To me, a good story is a good story, no matter its medium. So I'm good reading on an electronic device or holding actual pages in my hand. I admit I like to keep a series in the same family type as I bought the first book, all ebooks, all mass market, hard back or trade, not some of each. But I'll also take what I can get. In this day and age, price matters, sad to say.

Right now I'm lamenting the fact that most of my library is back on the East Coast, alone and lonely, with no one to turn their pages. I won't be reunited with my books until next summer, when I go back to drag them out West. But hey, they're still there. And being so far apart from them guarantees me "fresh" reads when I set up my new library out here.

Some of my favorite rereads...
Shelly Laurenston's Pride series and dragon books
Jayne Ann Krentz's Arcane series and futuristics and get the idea
Jose Litton's books, (wish the heck she'd write more)
Anything written by Sabrina Jeffries
Feehan's Carpathian series
Jill Gregory's Thunder books (set in Wolf River, MT)
David Eddings Belgariad

Happy Reading. :)

Grayson's Gamble, coming to Loose Id Nov 22nd


  1. Always good to curl up and reread a favorite book! I like to go back through my Nalini Singh, Georgette Heyer, sometimes even Dragonriders of PERN - just depends on the mood of the day! Enjoyed the post!

  2. I'm another huge re-reader. Jayne Ann Krentz hit that list a year or so ago. I can't believe I hadn't read anything by her before that. Then I have Elizabeth Peters, Margery Allingham, Terry Pratchett, Phoebe Atwood Taylor, Emma Lathen, (actually, quite a few mystery novels are much for needing to guess the murderer), Patricia Wrede, Trisha Ashley, and a whole heap of Harlequin category authors.

  3. Oh, right, Veronica. I forgot Singh. She rocks!


  4. Hey Jenny. I go in cycles. I'll do a bunch of Krentz, take a break, then do historicals, then vampires. Break. Work. Then I meander onto stuff I haven't read in forever. Always feels like a new read that way. :)



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