Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Good Luck!

Posted by: Jenny Schwartz
I'm a bit late for St Patrick's Day, but still - Luck o' the Irish to ya!

Thinking of St Pat's got me thinking about other lucky superstitions. There are some weird ones out there - weirder than kissing the Blarney Stone, for sure. (Good luck superstitions from Mental Floss). 

Even weirder is the fact that lucky superstitions can actually work! Yep, cross your fingers for luck as you read this article on a study concerning the nature of luck, belief and performance from Live Science.

Belief is a powerful force. I'd argue, that at its heart, belief is a story we tell ourselves. I've mentioned before how important I think stories are in making sense of our lives and the world around us, but stories can also change us. The story we tell ourselves of who we are becomes the reality we live. We live up or down to our own expectations.

Wow! Look at me getting all philosophical. Back to superstitions! I happily make up fairy tales (like with The Troll Bridge), but I've never thought to make up a superstition. I'm going to change that. I'm not sure which book I'll put it in, but I'm thinking of giving it to my young doctor heroine of Amaranthine Kiss. Superstitions can be how we cope with stress, and the life of a resident is definitely stressful! (Amaranthine Kiss is part of my Old School paranormal romance series). Now, I have to think of a superstition that a young Boston woman might believe...

Do you have any weird superstitions in your life? I've happily owned (or been owned by) a black cat, stepped on cracks on the sidewalk, and I never worry when I spill salt. But I do have a superstition that when I hang out the laundry in winter, it'll rain :)

Oops, they're all bad luck superstitions! Um, good luck ones ... you know what? I'm sitting here stunned because I don't think I have any lucky superstitions, not a charm, a habit, or even lucky underwear! LOL I'll have to adopt a new superstition. Any suggestions?


  1. Growing up, Thursdays were my lucky day, but that was because I grew up on a farm and on Thursdays we would drive into town, shop and pick up the mail.

    We also have a family superstition that there will be a snowstorm on Easter weekend, often the last one before spring really sets in. (I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.)

  2. I hope it's a gentle storm this year! The idea made me smile - here the Easter problem is worrying the chocolate eggs will melt from the heat!

    Mum and Dad moved off the farm before I was born, but I grew up with Thursday as "shopping day", too - must be something about Thursdays and farms!


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