Friday, March 9, 2018

Making time for TV

Posted by: Shona Husk

So many people recommend TV shows to me. I have a list of shows that I want to try and ones that I need to finish (last season of Grimm, new season of Strike Back, new season of Versailles). I struggle to make time for even them. I want to watch Lucifer and the Magicians and Knightfall and the Killjoys.

While I have no trouble making time for reading (after dinner in the sitting room while the kids do their quiet reading), making time for TV is that much harder. By the time the kids go to bed neither hubby or I want the commitment of focussing on a TV show we want to watch so instead it’s random drivel or keep reading.

I think it’s important to refill the well from a variety of sources, not just fiction or nonfiction, but music (I went to the Queen/Adam Lambert concert this week and it was amazing) and art and dance.

I often joke that I have issues with commitment particularly if a TV has 20+episodes, that’s a lot of hours so I often don’t start.

So what is the secret for getting TV time?

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