Friday, January 19, 2018

What Will We Be Reading in 2018?

Posted by: Jenny Schwartz
I know we're three weeks into the new year, but it's still January, right? We haven't broken all our New Year resolutions yet? Hmm? Anyways, here are my guesses on what could be hot in speculative fiction this year and what might just emerge to surprise us. I'm very interested to hear your thoughts.

Flat Earth 

Yes, there are quite a few people who believe that the Earth is flat. While this boggles my mind, I can see it could inspire some great fantasy or science fiction novels. Look out for them!

For an idea of what Flat Earthers believe, there's the Flat Earth Society.

Vampires are Back!

I've heard rumours of a vampire resurgence in the world of paranormal romance. I'm not a big vamp fan, so I'm not sure if this is true...  Would you like some more blood-suckers?

Gryphons are Nudging out Dragons

While dragons (and dragon-shifters) will always be hot, I'm seeing a rise in the number of gryphons out there - although I haven't seen any gryphon shifters (well, apart from the one I wrote in Phoenix Blood). If you know of any, please share the books in the comments on this post. Thanks!

Reverse Harem Exploded late in 2017 and is Going Strong

I think gothic romance has found a new expression and with multiple heroes. After all, why choose?!! There are loads of sexy brooding guys to rescue the damsel in distress in these books. Or maybe she rescues them?

Science Fiction Romance Moves Beyond Aliens

Where 2017 was great for baby-making with aliens, I think 2018 will spin scifi romance in new directions. Quite what those directions will be, I'm not sure. Space pirates, I hope. But also the mix that I'm seeing in Science Fiction as a genre is space fantasy, where science takes a back seat to magic, and the setting is futuristic.

Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy Merge to Become Contemporary Fantasy

There's an ongoing debate on where the line is between paranormal romance and urban fantasy, and when the action moves out of cities, it becomes even more muddled. How can a novel be urban fantasy when it's happening on a remote Alaskan island, for example? So, look out for Contemporary Fantasy. Quests in a modern world.

Dystopian Fiction Continues

Survivalist fiction has a growing market as people worry about the state of the world. Or maybe we could call it Escapist fiction? How do we survive when the world implodes?

What Would You Like to Read in Fiction this Year?

I hope you want to read an old-style fantasy (think Patricia C Wrede or Robin McKinley) because I have one coming out in February. The Troll Bridge - What does it take for a troll boy to become a man?

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  1. Great post! Can you recommend any new dystopians--doesn't have to be romance.

    1. Janni, "The Big Book of Post-Collapse Fun" by Rachel Sharp isn't new, but I really enjoyed it.

      On the non-romance side, Craig Martelle is doing well with various series, like Nomad

      And in terms of adding magic and romance to dystopia, I like Ella Summer' Legion of Angels series.


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