Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Reading Challenge

Posted by: Nicole Luiken
This year I want to set myself a reading challenge. I've set my Goodreads Challenge to 235 books, but I want to set some sub-goals within that. The trouble is I'm having difficulty deciding on what the challenge (or challenges) should be.

Challenges I've Done in the Past:

Reading X number of young adult books. This is the genre I primarily write in, so I need to keep up-to-date with what's being published currently.

Reading one Backlist Book a month. (By backlist, I mean books that my husband or I bought more than a year ago, which I meant to read but never got around to.)

Reading X number of non-fiction books. With the exception of how-to-write books, I tend to only read non-fiction for research purposes and seldom make it through the whole book. I'd love to read more history, but so many books out there are as dry as dust. Any recommendations?

Other Challenges that Sound Interesting:

Series in a Month. I saw this on Twitter and was intrigued, but I'm a little afraid that I might hit a series I didn't like. Perhaps a good variant would be Catching Up On Series I'm Behind In?

Hugo Award Winners & Nominees.

X Number of Science Fiction Romances. This is a genre I've barely scratched the surface of and would like to try more.

X Number of Canadian SFF Authors. I like to nominate and vote for the Aurora Awards so I need to keep current with these books.

Suggestions welcome! 

Are you planning any reading challenges this year? Tell me in the comments.

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