Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Before the Storm...of Holidays--and a FREE Book!

Posted by: Marie Harte
It's already November. This year has certainly flown by! In the U.S., we're gearing up for the Thanksgiving holiday in a few weeks, then on to the winter holidays--Christmas, Hanukkah, you name it. For most of us, that means a little time off of work. Time that can best be spent with family, or you know, reading a good book!

I don't get to read as much as I'd like since I write constantly. I find it distracting to read something in the romance subgenre I'm writing (i.e. no paranormal romance if I'm writing paranormal romance), as it can mess with my voice in my own work. Lately I've been trying to reread old favorites, and it's like settling back with an old friend. What makes it even better is if these books are in a series, so I have more to look forward to. I've been asked why I reread books, why keep them. And I just don't understand how you can NOT keep them.

Books are a treasured source of entertainment. After a quick Mercy Thompson break (urban fantasy series written by Patricia Briggs), I'll settle back into looking for some new reads for the holidays. In fact, just as soon as I finish polishing up my Christmas romance for December, I plan to delve into some fun holiday reads.

Enjoy your holidays, and as a gift, I've got two books you might enjoy.

The first in my Best Revenge series, SERVED COLD, is FREE! Get it now, though it technically releases Nov 13th along with the rest of the series.

And I've made CIRCE'S RECRUITS:2.0 GIDEON only .99 for a limited time. If you like steamy, multi-partner, rough-around-the-edges shapeshifters with a twist, you'll enjoy the Circs. Happy Holidays!


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