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Bringing It Back(list) with Jody Wallace

Posted by: Jody W. and Meankitty
For my entry in the Bringing It Back(list) series, I've been literally bringing some of my backlist...back. After the original publisher went out of business, I decided to republish my Fey Realm series myself. After some re-editing, formatting, and new covers, I'm happy to once again share my fairies, leprechauns, human types, and all their magic and adventures with readers. In fact, the price is now reduced, at only $2.99 a volume instead of the $5 and $6 pricepoints it had with a publisher.

Without further ado...

You can find out more about the Fey Realm series at my website, I really like how the new covers emphasize the most IMPORTANT part of the books, which is the fact that they have cats in them :).

Here's an excerpt from the second book in the series, 1000 Kisses, that introduces this most vital element...


Ani rolled in the tangled sheets until her cheek hit a cool spot on the opposite pillow. There was no place at Court for a half-twin with violent panic attacks and a yen for the Primary. What was she going to do? Ani pondered her options until a bar of orange sunrise splashed her face, waking her from the sleep she thought she’d never find.

The light was so concentrated it pierced her eyelids. She flopped away from it, or tried to. Something weighed down the coverlet, pinning her to the bed.

Ani yanked at the covers. Her sister hadn’t sheet-wedged her in decades, but the sensation of being stuck by tightly wrapped blankets was a familiar one.

“Talista, not funny.”

A hoarse rumble answered right before a multitude of needles pierced her thigh.

Ani screeched and kicked. The weight disappeared. A distinct thump sounded on the floor to her right.

Adrenaline blasted her system as her eyesight adjusted to the half-dark. She scrambled off the bed, groping for the alarm globe on the side table.

“Who’s there?”

She could see no one in her bedchamber, and she didn’t sense Tali through their sibling bond.

Cautiously she crept around the footboard, gripping her alarm globe. The fist-sized charms could wake one person or a castle depending on how one used them.

When she reached the corner, a black cat waited in the center of her damp rug with its tail tucked over its paws.

She looked at the cat. The cat looked at her. Its yellow eyes gleamed. Then it hiked its back leg into the air and began to wash itself.

Oh. Well. Himself.

“Hello, Fey.” Anisette glanced at her door and windows. Undisturbed, keyed to locks she controlled. She chose who could enter. The only other way in was via transportation. “What are you doing here, Master Fey?”

The cat, in the way of cats, didn’t acknowledge her. He started on his tail.

Some Fey cats communicated with fairies. Some didn’t. They appeared and disappeared all over the Realm, cities to deserts. They also traveled to humanspace, possibly through things Tali called gnome holes and possibly by means of their own devising.

Fairies were the dominant primates on the Realm continent, the only civilized land in their world. Fairies outnumbered leprechauns, annishags, yeti, medusas, and other sentient species, with the sentience of gnomes an item of some debate.

Cats were not primates.


Thank you for checking out this Bring It Back(list) feature today and be sure to visit us next weekend for more!


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