Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Magic in the Real World

Posted by: Jenny Schwartz
2017 is the year of my Old School series which mixes magic into our ordinary world. I love writing this kind of paranormal romance where the magic really could exist, just hidden from most of us.

Fire Fall is the latest stand-alone novel in the series. It releases in two days! *hyperventilates* Researching it was fabulous. The Rocky Mountains make a stunning setting and mixing magic with a gorgeous reality makes for something unforgettable.

In Fire Fall wildfire is threatening the Rio Grande National Park. As an Australian, the power of wildfires is something we see every summer. I'm thankful that so far my experience of its devastation isn't personal. I live in the suburbs, away from bushland, but we still smell the smoke in the air and hear the water-bomber helicopters pass overhead. So when I added the threat of fire to Fire Fall it felt real.

I won't give away the magical twist in Fire Fall that is the other reason for the title!

Danger comes in many forms, and sometimes the biggest danger is to our hearts. In Fire Fall, Seth walked away from Vanessa once before. She was with someone else, someone that it seemed better fitted her life as a billionaire's daughter. After all, what could a wizard mercenary offer her except strangeness and fear? But life changes. People change. This time Seth isn't walking away.

Writing about magic adds mystery and excitement, but it only works if magic also brings problems and limits. Vanessa and Seth certainly face those.

If you'd like to pre-order Fire Fall or save it to borrow free in Kindle Unlimited when it releases in two days, here's the link:

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