Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Love in the Stars...with Barbarians

Posted by: Marie Harte
I'm a big fan of space operas and romance. I love seeing advanced technologies mix with primitive cultures. And I like putting opposites together and watching them react. Sometimes it's that view of three moons in the background of a lush world that sets my creative cloud flying.

I wrote A Civilized Mating a few years ago for All Romance Ebooks. Sadly, they no longer exist. So I re-released the book. It's a space romance between a psychic Earther and two sexy, hunky, alien barbarians. Something about alien and barbarians just makes me want to laugh...and read more.

But I'd always wondered what happened to poor Mandy, another Earther working at the alien luxury resort, because two barbarians had their eyes on her. Did she get a happily ever after? Did the men Mandy was hiding from ever find her? Just what exactly is between the giant barbarians, anyway? Want to find out?

by Marie Harte
The Instinct #2
Released: May 16, 2017
Mandy Jacobs sought a job on planet Ussed because it took her far from her problems on Earth. Her goal has been simple—keep a low profile. Not that easy to do when two larger-than-life barbarians are keeping an eye on her. Avoidance seems like her best plan of action…until danger from her past comes calling. Soon on the run from an old enemy, a new enemy, and hunky warriors with a crazy notion to claim her, she’s running out of options.
Zhen and Lore have bonded, but they’re in need of female to complete them. When they see Mandy, they know. She’s the one. But the stubborn human female needs some persuading. And some saving, since she’s got humans and a rival clan after her. With time not on their side, Zhen and Lore must convince Mandy that she belongs with them. And that if she’ll let herself, she’ll find acceptance in the arms of not just one, but two barbarians who have nothing but love to give.
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