Sunday, December 20, 2015

Where it all began. A long, long time ago...

Posted by: Annie Nicholas

Nope, not a Star Wars post.

I am a big fan and I'm seeing the movie this morning, but for my sci-fi week post I wanted to share my love of reading.  This is the first genre I fell for and it nurtured my love of books. I learned a lot from these stories. That the universe is vast and if I could imagine something then it was a possibility.

Now, you're probably wondering if I love sci-fi so much why am I writing paranormal romances. (I do dabble in sci-fi with No Refuge--strong CJ Cherryh influence-- and Boarded--strong Larry Niven influence and releasing in Feb 2016.)

I was introduced into the genre with Larry Niven. My brother lent me his copy of the World of Ptavvs. A fantastic journey through space where Niven explorers ideas like what if humans colonized a world where the gravity was higher or they suffered major windstorms throughout the year. What if we colonized the asteroid belt? You will actually see a lot of his ideas on the new syfy show The Expanse.

From here I encountered Anne McCaffery.  PERN! (when will there be a movie??)

I learned from her that you could mix sci-fi with other elements and make something wonderful. She has dragons, singing ships, and psychics powerful enough to cross the galaxy. Best part? She writes strong female characters. Great for the young women in your life.

Once I read all of Anne's book, I discovered CJ Cherryh.

CJ has a fantastic world building skill. She has multiple series. All very good. Her biggest influence on me was that even aliens should be three dimensional. They have families, they love, they have different conflicts and stories. She even writes in their point of view giving you a fresh perspective. I love seeing the universe in a not human's eyes. Oh, and she's another one who writes strong female characters.

Hope you enjoyed my walk down memory lane. I know I did. I even picked up a couple of their new books. ;)

If you'd like, I'm running a contest on my facebook page. I'm giving gift cards and print copy books of Scent of Valor (Strong CJ Cherryh infleunce), Bait, and Ravenous.

Annie Nicholas


  1. Either my pc doesn't want me to read this or you have gremlins.

    1. aha! it was my pc
      nevermind about the gremlins

    2. now that I can read it, I agree with your choices. I have to add Douglas Adams as my main influence, but I adored the Dragon series by Anne McCaffrey. However, I recently was able to get on Audible again (my last pc wouldn't let me do that.) and I think Bait is the finest vampire book ever written. So if were writing the abovie, YOU would be on it for Bait.


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