Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Create Your Own Winter Magic

Posted by: Linda Mooney
"Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful..."

Winter is the perfect time for reading. In fact, this season can be like comfort food for the mind.

De-stress yourself. You deserve a time-out from the strain of the holidays. 
Give yourself at least thirty minutes of relaxation to immerse yourself in a story.

Christmas stories in particular are perfect for helping to get you in the mood for the holidays. And romantic Christmas stories are almost better than all those candy canes and cookies. (At least the stories have zero calories!)

Grab your ereader or book and park yourself in a comfy chair or sofa. Throw a blanket or quilt over your legs. Add some soft music (or, better yet, the crackle of a fireplace) for background ambiance. Include a warm mug of your favorite beverage. You could even try escaping in a bubble bath.

Now...fall in love with a courageous hero and heroine.

Voila! You've created your own winter magic.

* * *

For your Christmas entertainment, you might want to consider these hot little books to help keep you warm and toasty!

 Tickle My Candy Cane
(Tales of the Blakeney Sisters, Book 2)
A Humorous, Erotic, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance
by Linda Mooney writing as Carolyn Gregg

Winter's Fyre
A Humorous, Erotic, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Christmas Romance
by Linda Mooney writing as Carolyn Gregg

Blurb, Excerpt, and Buy Links.


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