Sunday, December 6, 2015

Refilling the Well

Posted by: Joely Sue Burkhart
This has been a crazy productive year for me. I've never had so many releases (5) in the same year before, while writing so many new stories (3). With a full-time Evil Day Job that quite often kicks my ass and 3 busy teenagers running around all the time.  e.g. oldest is in marching band and the two youngest are currently playing on separate basketball teams.

So my reward for Dec. is time off. I need to fill up my brain with fun and creative stuff.  That Man and I will celebrate our 27th wedding anniversary on the 23rd at a treehouse cottage in Eureka Springs, AR. No kids, no job, just relaxing quiet time in a log cabin with a fireplace and Jacuzzi. I'm trying to catch up on books, movies, games -- you name it -- while also trying some more creative art projects for the next two books.  And of course, I'll be pulling out all my crafting projects (knitting, crochet, and cross stitch) that I never seem to finish.

This process is often called "filling the well" and I totally agree that artists need time to simply wallow and soak in creative energy. That idea lead to the magic system I created in Nightgazer, my contribution to the Here Be Magic boxed set. In that world, wizards draw their power from the Wellspring, which springs up from the source of all life. That well can be blocked or tainted -- which is so very true in the creative process, rendering the artist helpless and unproductive.

To help me fill up the well, tell me the best book, movie or TV show you've enjoyed lately so I can check it out! Any genre from romance to SF/F and everything in between. I love assassins and wizards, spicy romance, aliens... So many fun things to choose from.


  1. Word Whores this week is doing our most memorable books of 2015 - could be a good source? Have fun in AR! A tree cottage sounds amazing.

    1. I'll check it out! The cottage is really cool - surrounded by pine dusted in snow, secluded from the others owned by the company. I can't wait to get there!

  2. You should watch Arrow :)

  3. I recently read a really good SF Romance (so hard to come by!): Atrophy by Jess Anastasi. I loved it. Better than Star Wars! I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a well written romance.


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