Friday, December 23, 2011

An Unseasonable Christmas

Posted by: Tia Nevitt
So I'm sitting here in shorts, two days before Christmas, missing my fire. You see, it's too warm to light a fire. Florida seems to be having an unusually warm weather this December. I'm trying to get into the Christmas spirit, but it's difficult when I'm in bare feet with the fan running overhead. When I was at the mall earlier today, I remembered going last year all bundled up. Which is the way it usually is here in North Florida. However, we do have these mild winters from time to time. What we never have is a mild summer. (Ha!)

So what am I doing to get into the Christmas spirit? Buying gifts, of course. We've been fortunate this year because I am still employed, and as a result of some careful debt paying and saving, we are able to be more generous with each other this year. (It will also be a debt free Christmas--we plan to pay off all new credit card bills in January.)

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Back to the blog ...

I'm also baking. I made 5 dozen chocolate chip cookies yesterday, and since we should definitely not eat them up by ourselves, I shall take some next door to our neighbors tomorrow, and use them as enticement to get my brother to visit. In the past week, I've also made snickerdoodles and biscuits, all from scratch. When I bake, it's always from scratch, and always from all natural ingredients. Yum.

And of course, the house is decorated. The stockings are hung by the chimney with care, the tree has been up for weeks, the ornaments out, and I even took a stab at decorating a Christmas wreath, but somehow I didn't get very far.

And I'm planning some Christmas meals. We shall have a special breakfast and we are debating whether we will have a turkey that evening. We decided to go to church on Christmas Eve, which has its own magic. We also have been driving around looking at Christmas lights, and we will probably do it again tonight and tomorrow.

So -- sigh! -- I guess I don't really need to have cold weather to have a magical Christmas. After all, people in the Southern Hemisphere somehow manage to have green Christmases, don't they?

I'm dreaming of a hot Christmas,
Just like the ones they have in Perth,
Where the mirages glisten,
And children listen,
to hear, scorpions in the earth ...

Ok, all you Aussies can throw darts at me now because no, I didn't factcheck to see if there are scorpions in Perth. Or mirages...

Merry Christmas, everyone.

Tia Nevitt


  1. Tia, now that made me laugh ... scorpions, so far, no, fingers crossed life stays that way (oops, to anyone who doesn't know, I live in Perth!) ... but we do have mirages. Even now, if I close my eyes I can see shopping malls empty of customers ... nope, sorry, that's my Boxing Day wish :) Retailers must hate me, but I'd so prefer hitting the sales without hitting elbows!

    Happy Christmas, everyone, whether like Tia and me you're having a hot one or shovelling snow!

  2. Dreaming of a hot Christmas. Rain and more rain in Sydney.

  3. Thanks, everyone. Jenny, you were my inspiration. I was entertaining my daughter in the mall singing of a "warm Christmas" and it turned into a blog post.


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