Monday, December 26, 2011

The Last Slayer Is On Sale! (Plus an Exclusive Excerpt)

Posted by: Nadia Lee
This year's Christmas was extra special because it was one day before my first urban fantasy with Carina Press was due to come out. The Last Slayer is finally on sale today (after being pushed back a couple of months to make room for my pregnancy. Thank god for infinitely patient agents, editors and Carina production staff!)

Ashera del Cid is a talented demon hunter, but when she kills a demigod's pet dragon, the hunter becomes the hunted. Her only potential ally is Ramiel, a sexy-as-hell demon. Now the two must work together to battle dragons and demigods...and the chemistry crackling between them.

Ramiel has his own reasons for offering Ashera his protection. He knows her true identity and the real reason the demigods want her dead. What he can't predict is how she'll react when she discovers he knew who she was all along...

Ashera is shocked to discover that she is the only daughter of the last slayer. To claim her destiny, she and Ramiel must join forces to face down danger and outwit their enemies. Only then will she be able to truly accept her legacy...

102,000 words

I'd like to share an exclusive short excerpt from the story. The heroine Ashera has just taken a bath and is wrapped in nothing more than a towel when this scene takes place. Valerie is Ashera's sister, and currently in a poison-induced coma.

"I hadn't realized you weren't presentable," Ramiel said, his voice smooth. He bowed. "My apologies."

The formality of his manners lessened the discomfort I felt. If he was going to treat me like a lady no matter what I wore--or didn't wear--it didn't make any sense for me to make a big deal out of it.

"I don't suppose you have X-ray vision," I said drily.


"You need something?"

The steadiness of his gaze made me feel naked. It took an effort to keep my chin up and my hands down. If the towel came loose…

"I would like your word that you'll do as I say. Even if you disagree with me at the time," he said.

"I'm afraid that's not possible."

The skin around his mouth tightened. "Shall I list the reasons why I'm the logical choice to lead?"

I didn't bother to argue the point, because he was right. "The decisions you make will impact me and Valerie. I won't follow you blindly."

Suddenly he was standing a hairbreadth away. He loomed over me, his eyes vivid emeralds against the snow white of his skin.

"Why must you be so obstinate? I know things you do not."

"Yeah, and apparently you never want me to know, because you hide them like a preacher's daughter hides a pregnancy. How about a little sharing here, huh?"

"And of course you will believe what I say, as you've done all along."


His eyes blazed hot enough to scorch. After centuries of unquestioning obedience, it must have been infuriating to have a mere mortal defy him. Until now, he hadn't shown any emotion except mild amusement and derision. Now, up close and personal, he seethed with a mixture of frustration and hunger that made my chest hurt with its intensity. A small part of me was afraid, but another part of me was thrilled at being on the receiving end of this much focus. How messed up was that? Even more perversely, I wanted to push his control until it snapped.

"I intend to keep my vow, whether you cooperate or not," he ground out. "You don't have a say in the matter."

"You wi--"

His mouth covered mine, shutting me up. This time his lips were demanding. His fingers tunneled into my wet hair and held my head in place. Even if I could have moved, I wouldn't have. My instincts had been right. All my faculties were in place, and still I found him irresistible. He was all man and heat. His scent, dark and mysterious, clogged my lungs and drowned me in sensation. The brush of his skin against mine made the fine hair on the back of my neck rise in response. It was frightening, how his magic ran up and down inside me, and how mine twined so eagerly with it.

A monstrous need pushed me, whipped me into a frenzy of slick arousal as Ramiel's mouth ravaged mine, took it as if it belonged to him and no one else. I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

A discreet knock at the door broke through the sensuous haze, dissipating it.

Ramiel abruptly pushed me away from him. His chest rose and fell rapidly, his lips moist from our kiss. "I don't care what you profess to be. You're a witch." His voice was hoarse and unsteady. "A slayer witch."

Sample The Last Slayer from my website here or download an electronic excerpt booklet in PDF, epub or mobi. The booklet contains the first 20% of the story.

To get the rest of the story, you can buy from Carina Press*, Amazon (US, UK, DE, FR, IT, ES), B & N Nook, Books on Board, Diesel, Kobo, iBookstore (US, Canada) and Sony.

* If you buy The Last Slayer from Carina Press, you can use the CARSP1011 coupon code to save $5 when you spend $10! The offer expires on January 4th.


  1. Congratulations on your new release, Nadia! This looks fabulous! :-)

  2. Congratulations on your new release! I love the cover and the short excerpt you shared.

  3. Congratulations, Nadia! Happy Release Week!

  4. Thanks for the excerpt. Definitely buying this one:)


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