Wednesday, October 6, 2021

WIP-it Wednesday

Posted by: PG Forte

 PG Forte: I've been branching out, lately, and creating book covers--mostly for myself, at this point. Here are two of my latest--both for books that will release later this year (or so I hope). I discussed Winterlude in Saturday's post

Contains both the short story This Winter Night, and the Novella, Winter World of Love in one volume. More details HERE

Chasing the Night is the latest iteration of a story I was calling All Through the Night. Because I've suddenly become massively indecisive when it comes to titles. 

Chasing the Night pairs Heather and Drew from my Children of Night series--and yes, several of their fellow vampires think this is an odd pairing too. It's also a sequel, of sorts, to Going Back to Find You, AND an Ugly Christmas Sweater story. I've posted a short excerpt below:

Drew smiled at her. “Thank you for sharing your tree with me—and for the new experience.” 

“You’re welcome,” Heather said with a sigh. “Come back when you’re done, if you want. I’ll save you an ornament.” 

“We’ll see,” he answered—which she figured was code for not a fucking chance; especially given the look on his face. 

An instant later, the glass ball she was holding was plucked from her hands. She turned to scowl at Nighthawk who was hanging it on a branch far above her head. “Hey. I was saving that for later!” 

 “You don’t save ornaments,” Nighthawk scoffed. “You hang ’em. Anyway, where you been all night? And what’re you doing with that housie?” Which was laughable—as if they both didn’t belong to a House now, too—but hardly the first stupid thing Hawk had said tonight. 

“That’s none of your business,” she replied. “And, for the record? This is not a submarine.” 

Hawk looked confused. “What’s not?” 

 “That thing you said before about the door being open? This isn’t a submarine.” 

“Exactly! The door was open and you can’t do that on a submarine.” 

 “No, because you’d drown. What you meant to say is that this isn’t a barn.” 

Hawk shrugged dismissively. “It might as well be.” “Might as well be…a barn?” “Yeah. I mean, granted it’s missing hay, and pitchforks, livestock, all that country stuff. But it’s as big as a barn.” 

“You’re hopeless,” she muttered, just as Jason—one of the visiting vampires, but someone who Heather actually liked—gave a smothered laugh. 

 Hawk turned to glare at him. “What, you don’t think so? I bet you’ve never even seen a barn.” 

“I have, actually; I grew up in the country. And she’s right—or closer to it. What you really wanted to say was, ‘were you born in a barn?’” 

“Why would I say that?” Hawk demanded. “It wasn’t a Christmas reference. And, anyway, that would be born in a stable, right?” 

 Jason looked confused. “What? No, that’s not…” 

But a commotion broke out, just then, at the other end of the warehouse. And Hawk was already storming off in that direction, yelling, “No, no, NO!” at those involved. 

Jason watched him go, then asked, “Is he always like that?” 

“Pretty much,” Heather replied. Then, feeling as though she was being disloyal, she added. “He means well.” 

“Which is just about the worst thing you can say about anyone.” 


“Nothing,” Jason said as he held out an ornament—a frosted globe with two birds and a sprig of holly etched into its surface. “Here, do you want this—for when Drew comes back?” 

“Thanks,” Heather said, taking the ball with a small sigh. “I don’t think he’s coming back.”

More details HERE

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