Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Vampires Stories Aren't Just for Halloween

Posted by: Deborah A Bailey

Even though I don’t read much of the Horror genre, I am a fan of some movies featuring vampires and other creatures of the night. For the most part I like the "old school" movies starring Vincent Price and Christopher Lee. Frankenstein and The Mummy are cool too, but the vampire ones are my favorites.

The thing is, I never thought I would write a vampire story. Even though I've enjoyed the movies over the years, the thought of writing a vampire was daunting. I was concerned I'd have to have to go with the usual vampire tropes. Either having them be evil or perhaps walking the line between good and evil. Sure, there's a lot to be said of a vampire who is somewhat dangerous yet uses their powers for good (most of the time). And of course, there's the undercurrent of sexiness that's built in – which isn't surprising.

So, when I started working on my upcoming book, Blood Red Moon (in the Worlds of Fire series) I shocked myself when I decided to have the hero be a vampire. But I didn't want him to be like the vampires I'd seen in those classic movies. 

In my book, the hero and heroine go through a portal and arrive on a world where vampires and shifters live alongside humans. Vampires have their own culture which can include them bonding with human "hosts" or forming their own groups and rejecting humanity altogether. They're not predators – unless they want to be. They have a choice in how they interact with humans and how they satisfy their need for blood. I thought about what a human would get from being bitten – why would they crave it? That's when I decided to create an experience where it was worth being bitten just to feel it.

Part of the balance the hero has to create with the heroine is based on his need for her, but their connection isn't one-sided. Vampires also give to their hosts in the form of energy that passes from them to the host. What is the energy? A lot of emotion and a bit of magic (because of course magic is involved). In this way there's a reciprocal relationship between the vampires and hosts, which means the vampires don't have to take what would be given freely.

Sure, in this story world there are vampire outliers and the ones who don't want human hosts. But I'm not writing about them this time around. 😊 However, when (or if) I do, then I can explore those other types of vampires a bit more.  Right now, I'm glad I changed my mind about writing them. You never know what ideas will come to you once you decide to try something new.

Worlds of Fire: Blood Red Moon will be published (tentative date) 11/10/21 on Amazon and most other online booksellers. Check my website for a more info: https://dbaileycoach.com/brightbooks/worlds-of-fire-series/blood-red-moon/



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