Thursday, March 18, 2021

When You Talk to the Animals

Posted by: Maureen
By Maureen Bonatch 

Does your pet talk to you? Mine does. Well, at least I think he does. I not only spend much of my day talking to him when I’m home alone, I also occasionally answer for him. I’m not referring to Zoolingualism, or imitating animal sounds (although he does seem to try to occasionally send me mental messages). I mean I act as if he is answering as a person would. Well, a small, furry, person. 

Some part of me thinks I know what he has to say. Unfortunately for Scruff, he can’t really confirm that the responses I provide for him are accurate. Instead he stares silently at me with his big, brown eyes desperately trying to give me a message (or wondering why his Mom is so…odd). 

I can probably safely assume that the majority of the time that message is that he’d like another treat, or that he wants to go outside. But I’ve taken it upon myself to imagine that he has much more to say if he could only convey it in more than pointed stares and huffs (he’s not much of a barker). 

 I’ve found that if I mention this to others who have pets that they often agree that they talk to their pets. I don’t always ask if they answer for them as well. 

I’ve also taken the liberty of providing my tiny dog that has been noted to resemble a stuffed animal with a deep, masculine voice with a little bit of a southern accent. Why? That I can’t answer. I guess he kind of gave me the impression that since he’s a little guy with a lot of attitude who is terrified of almost everything—including the occasional leaf if it touches him—that he’d want to portray a tough image. I also assume he’d never forgive me if I gave him a high, squeaky voice to accompany his fuzzy cuteness that often gets him mistaken for a girl. 

The southern accent? I have no idea. It just came to me as part of his ‘character’. Speaking of characters, mine always come with a pet or animal sidekick. Often I base the character of the animal, and sometimes the name, on animals I know, or have known. 

A few include

  • Evil Speaks Softly- Mozart (dog) 
  • Destiny Calling- Tercet (cat) 
  • That Magic Moment- Juniper (cat) 

I’ve taken this relationship a step further with my upcoming paranormal cozy mysteries and provided the ability for my character to communicate with her pet, and that the animal can actually communicate back—magic has it's benefits! I’ll share more about these stories in the coming months. 

 So tell me, do you talk to your pets? If so, do they answer back? 

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I may not be able to offer you the ability to do magic, but spending more time taking care of ourselves can certainly feel pretty magical.


Author Bio: Maureen Bonatch grew up in small town Pennsylvania and her love of the four seasons—hockey, biking, sweat pants and hibernation—keeps her there. While immersed in writing or reading paranormal romance and fantasy, she survives on caffeine, wine, music, and laughter. A feisty Shih Tzu keeps her in line. 

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