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HERE BE NEWS for August 26, 2019

Posted by: Dani Harper, Author


Monday, August 19 
"HERE BE NEWS" - All the latest from the gang at Here Be Magic, including a new release.

Wednesday, August 21 -
NEW IN WEREWOLVES AND GASLIGHT MYSTERIES!” - Another gripping novel by award-winning author Shawna Reppert. Read an excerpt of MOON OVER LONDON and find out more.

Thursday, August 22 -
TROPES - Yay, Nay, or So-So?” – What do you think are today’s popular romance tropes? Author Linda Mooney asks which ones YOU like, and which ones you'd like to see less of. 

Saturday, August 24 -
This week's Bring It Back(list) feature is THE GRIM SERIES, a fae and fantasy romance by Dani Harper. HURRY - the Kindle versions are just 99 cents this month! Scroll below for all the details.

Book 2 of Werewolves and Gaslight
by Shawna Reppert

Werewolves are disappearing from the gaslit streets of London. Are they being  murdered? Kidnapped?

Few beyond the ’wolves’ own families notice they’re missing, and fewer still care. With the aid of a clandestine toff werewolf and a lady alchemist with attitude, Inspector Royston Jones is determined to protect all those who dwell in his city. But his superiors are indifferent, the werewolf community suspicious, and he has too few leads and too many suspects—including his estranged uncle. Only one thing is certain; unless he can solve the mystery, more ’wolves will be taken every time the full moon rises.

Another gripping novel by the award-winning author of A Hunt by Moonlight!

by Dani Harper
  1. Storm Warrior
  2. Storm Bound
  3. Storm Warned
  4. Storm Crossed

The fae are cunning, powerful and often cruel.

The most beautiful among them are often the most deadly. Hidden far beneath the mortal world, the timeless faery realm plays by its own rules—and those rules can change on a whim. Now and again, the unpredictable residents of that mystical land cross the supernatural threshold…

In this enchanting romance series from Dani Harper, the ancient fae come face-to-face with modern-day humans and discover something far more potent than their strongest magic: love.

Just 99¢ each, but HURRY!
Sale ends soon!

And what inspired Dani Harper to write The Grim Series?
Find out on Here Be Magic:

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