Thursday, January 24, 2019

You Can Now Search My Books By Genres!

Posted by: Linda Mooney

"Do you have anything about (insert topic)?"

I often have people comment on the fact that, because I have so many books, it's hard for them to tell at a glance which ones are in a particular genre, or have a specific trope that they favor.

When I'm at a book-signing, it's easy to steer them to the types of books they're looking for. But I understand why there's some confusion, even though my book titles are listed as either fantasy, paranormal, or sci-fi.

"Do you have any dragon shifters?"

"I like to read romantic suspense."
"What do you have with zombies in them?"

In the middle of the night, I woke up with an idea. (As most writers can attest, that's when most of the good ones pop up. Then, or when you're in the shower.) Why not make a spreadsheet of all my books under all my pseudonyms, so that each book's contents are easy to understand?

So - voila! - I did!

It's listed as GENRE BREAKDOWN. When you go to my Linda Mooney webpage, and click on My Books, you'll find yourself on the Choose Your Destination page, where all my pseudonyms are located. There, on the right, you'll see Genre Breakdown. Click it, and you'll see the spreadsheet where all my books are listed, their genres, tropes, and other kinds of information that will help you discover books you probably never realized had just the thing you were looking for!

Psst! If you don't see something, want to add something, or to correct something, don't hesitate to comment below to let me know! Thanks!

Paranormal Romance

by Linda Mooney
Word Count: 38.2K

Officer Sonia Sparrow is an introvert of sorts, spending her workdays on the force, and her off days alone. But lately it seems she’s acquired a new partner. A dog, that she’s dubbed Slash, keeps showing up at the nick of time to save the day.

Michael Masson, a former Marine, is looking for a quiet life, but he can’t help the desire he still has to serve his country. Having been burned in love once before, he’s vowed to never show his other side to anyone else. Instead. he chooses to spend his life roaming the country and not getting close to anyone. But when he spies the female police officer in trouble, he can’t just sit back and let it happen.

Sonia has been burned in relationships in the past as well, and if she can’t find a trustworthy man, she’s decided a dog would be the perfect companion to keep her loneliness at bay. What she didn’t bargain for was getting both.

The truth is almost too farfetched, but Michael is determined to make her believe. He hopes this new partnership will not only heal old wounds, but evolve into a deep and loving relationship for the both of them.

Warning! Contains beef jerky, once for yes, a coffee break, the constant fear of discovery, an unexpected ally, a trial run, and two broken hearts finding comfort and love within a common goal.
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