Wednesday, January 30, 2019

The More Things Change...

Posted by: PG Forte

The last few years have been difficult for me in terms of writing productivity. My word count is way down and I haven’t released a new book in two years.  Of course, part of that is because I’ve been working to re-release seventeen titles in the past two years—with another dozen yet to go—but that’s another story.
The good news, however, is that I’ve been reading like crazy. My TBR pile is rapidly shrinking away. And I’ve noticed some interesting changes in my reading habits. I’ve always been something of a binge-reader, and that’s only become more pronounced over the years. I’m also reading shorter books, I’m sticking to fewer genres, and I seem to be less open now to trying new-to-me authors than I ever was before. And, despite the endless supply of new books, I seem to spend an increasing amount of time re-reading old favorites.
I’m not altogether happy with these changes. I feel like I should be branching out and trying new things. But I suppose these changes reflect the reality of my life these days. I have less time and more distractions, so shorter books are more appealing. And in a world that seems increasingly uncertain, I crave a sure thing—hence my reliance on authors I trust and stories I love.
So, is it just me? Or have you noticed any changes in what (and/or how) you read as well? And if so, what’s different?

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  1. You're not the only one. If I'm having a bad day or even just hit a few meh books in a row, I recharge with an old favourite--a sure thing. I am much less inclined to try new authors than ones I trust--and when I do try a new author it's usually from the library or using the Preview feature on my ereader.


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