Thursday, October 12, 2017

Joining In

Posted by: Jody W. and Meankitty

Halloween month at Here Be Magic has lured me out of my hermit basement like a ground squirrel checking the area for predators. Since there are none--besides vampires, werewolves, soul-sucking ghosts, scary clowns and T-Rexes--I guess it's safe for me to join in.

The fact is, nearly all of us have hectic schedules, but it's important to periodically make time to do things like this -- to join in. Whether online or in real life, fellowship with other authors, with readers, with other folks in the publishing industry is part of what makes this difficult career satisfying. In any career or role in life, I imagine we experience a certain bond, even a need for fellowship, with others in similar occupations. We can all benefit from new ideas, inspiration, and advice, or even provide these things and be a helper to someone who needs the wisdom we've gathered.

In the last year and a half, I've focused more on my freelance editing business than writing, but my first foray into a Kindle World, writing a dragon shifter paranormal romance set in Magic, New Mexico, under the jolly and somewhat wacky auspices of SE Smith, was released recently, reminding me just how much I need to nurture both sides of my publishing brain. It also reminded me how much I love interacting with other authors, as a group of us in the Kindle World wrote our stories together, discussed marketing, and shared our ups and downs. I love editing and helping others achieve their goals, but I also love storytelling and, well, telling lies for fun and profit.

So my advice to all of you, readers and authors alike, is not to be scared of the predators out there. Jump out of that burrow. Make time to join in. To discuss your career or just your love of reading. If I hadn't been a member of an active local RWA chapter, with a monthly opportunity to enjoy that fellowship with others in my career, I don't know that I would be pursuing writing or editing. 

Social media, too, has opened up the range of voices, authors, and readers I can share with, expanding my horizons in my career (and my crochet hobby!), as it can with yours. I doubt I could have found too many neighbors who appreciate the fact that I crochet peens and take photos of them in ridiculous poses, but online I sure have!


Jody W. & Meankitty

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