Monday, May 9, 2016

Here Be News

Posted by: Veronica Scott


Vacations are a bitch. Or maybe it’s just me.

I’m Natasha Bolde, and honestly I’m no one special. Okay, I’ve solved a few mysteries, but I’ve always worked with my best friend and mentor. Clover passed recently, and now I’m taking what should’ve been her trip of a lifetime to Cornwall, Britain. It’s just like Clover to choose a place chock-full of mysteries. Who is the amnesiac woman, and why is she digging in the fields? Is the local psychic medium the real deal or a clever fake? And who exactly is the ghost-hunter hunting?

I’m determined to find the answers even if it kills me.

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E-reptile Dysfunction

Humorous Erotic Paranormal Romance

by Linda Mooney writing as Carolyn Gregg
Word Count: 12.8K
$1.99 e / $6.99 p 

Kreg Regius has been having a little trouble lately. The kind of trouble every male fears, no matter what species. Despite the dangers of people finding out how different he is, Kreg is desperate for relief and finds himself seeking professional help.

With nothing to do but wait, his brother prescribes a night out. When that proves to be fruitless, he makes his escape, and his night takes an interesting turn. The shapely brunette he shares a cab with could be just what the doctor ordered. Immediately, things for Kreg start looking up. In more ways than one.


Fun news! To celebrate the upcoming release of THE PAGES OF THE MIND (and the concurrent release of THE CROWN OF THE QUEEN), Book One of the entire series, THE MARK OF THE TALA, is on sale for only $2.99. If you've been wanting to catch up on this award-winning series, now's a great time to get started!

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