Saturday, May 7, 2016

One Cookie or the Entire Bag?

Posted by: Linda Mooney
When I finished book 3 of my Neverwylde,The Rim of the World series, people were already asking when book #4 would be out. (Note: I'm planning on six total. If you've read any of the books, you'll get why.) They're also asking about my next Battle Lord book, among others.

I've also had many people state they're not willing to start a new series until it's been completed. This could be problematic if 1. there is not "end" in sight, or 2. if the author just doesn't get to the next book.

In this day and age of binge watching an entire television series (or all episodes in a season) over a long weekend, I can understand why having to wait for the next episode can be tiresome and irritating. More so if the hiatus lasts several months.

From the prospective of a reader, I'm more of a "give me at least two books to last me until the next one" gal. (I admit I also record 2-3 episodes of a show before I watch them all in one fell swoop.)

But from the prospective of an author, I tend to go where my muse tugs me. Sometimes I may have enough ideas to to write an entire series in one fell swoop (like my closed Thunder trilogy). And sometimes I may need to sit on the next installment until a good plot device falls into my lap.

What about you? Are you willing to take the risk of starting a new series on the FIRST book when you have no idea when book two will appear? Or are you wanting to wait however long it takes before the next one arrives before diving in?

Now available!

Sci-Fi, Steampunk, Western Romance
Word Count: 39.9K
$2.99 e / $9.99 p

He gambled and won something more valuable than money. He won love.

It started off as a little R&R on a backwater planet. All Ruce Haulk wanted was a place where he could breathe some fresh air, have a stiff drink, and perhaps while away a few hours at a game of chance. He should have known better. Before he's aware, he's embroiled in the middle of a flesh-peddling scheme, and the woman he "wins" is someone he never expected to find.

The moment Remi Clysonne saw the stranger take on Yarnell and his men single-handedly, she knew he was her only chance at escaping. She doesn't blame him when he doubts her claim that she's there to bring Yarnell to justice. What's more, she suspects there may be another reason why he's reluctant to offer aid.

What should have been a brief layover quickly becomes an all-out struggle for survival as Haulk and Remi battle their way out of an increasingly tangled mess. But the secrets they're keeping from each other may tear them apart before they manage to get away from this world and to safety.

Warning! Contains a clothes swap, levitating locomotives, watery soup, a pretty silver star, thousand-degree heat, attack dirigibles, and two people totally unprepared for whatever the future might hold for them.


  1. I suppose it would depend on just how much the books are intertwined with each other, as far as plot. If each book ends with a cliffhanger and/or unanswered questions, I'd rather wait until I have them all. In my Storm Chaser series, and other series I have in mind for the future, the individual novels are mostly self-contained and can be read as separate stories ... but that doesn't seem to be the style anymore.

    1. ITA, Mark. But sometimes you don't know how a book will end unless it has a review. And, sadly, reviews don't give you that info. I end up going blind into a Book 1 most of the time.

    2. Very true. When I did promotion for my sequels, I made sure to say people didn't need to read the original to get what was going on. But at the time it was published, I didn't know Storm Chaser was going to be part of a series!

    3. Haha! I've had books like that! When people asked if there would be a book 2, I said no. Well...guess what? There was a book 2. Sometimes a 3. You just never know. :D

  2. I think Game of Thrones soured my willingness to wait for the next book in a series, so I would rather know that another title is on its way within months (ideally, weeks, lol) before I start a series. That being said, there are certain series that I became hooked on which FORCED me to be patient...although, I may not get back to them right away because I have been tempted away into other stories. A cliffhanger with no sequel in sight will definitely irk me and make me less inclined to return to the series if the next story is not very readily available.

    1. You're right. In the end, I think it has a lot to do with that author and their past track history re: series.


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