Sunday, May 1, 2016

ARCHIVE: 5 Things Your Family May Not Understand About You Being a Writer

Posted by: Linda Mooney
Veronica sez: a good one from the Archives!

1. You name one of your characters after your children, or vice versa.

2. You take note of what's said around the house, or when you're around friends and neighbors, so you can use the dialogue later in a scene.

3. When you shop for underwear or nightgowns, you debate whether or not your heroine would buy it.

4. Even the most mundane things, like washing dishes or eating pizza, could become a plot point.

5. Vacations are more for recharging and getting story ideas, rather than a chance to relax and enjoy. 

Sci-Fi, Steampunk, Western Romance
Word Count: 39.9K
$2.99 e (and coming soon to print!)

He gambled and won something more valuable than money. He won love.

It started off as a little R&R on a backwater planet. All Ruce Haulk wanted was a place where he could breathe some fresh air, have a stiff drink, and perhaps while away a few hours at a game of chance. He should have known better. Before he's aware, he's embroiled in the middle of a flesh-peddling scheme, and the woman he "wins" is someone he never expected to find.

The moment Remi Clysonne saw the stranger take on Yarnell and his men single-handedly, she knew he was her only chance at escaping. She doesn't blame him when he doubts her claim that she's there to bring Yarnell to justice. What's more, she suspects there may be another reason why he's reluctant to offer aid.

What should have been a brief layover quickly becomes an all-out struggle for survival as Haulk and Remi battle their way out of an increasingly tangled mess. But the secrets they're keeping from each other may tear them apart before they manage to get away from this world and to safety.

Warning! Contains a clothes swap, levitating locomotives, watery soup, a pretty silver star, thousand-degree heat, attack dirigibles, and two people totally unprepared for whatever the future might hold for them.

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  1. I can definitely sympathize on number one. I had to really rein myself in to keep from naming a character Simon and save it for naming my son.

    1. I like the name Simon, too. In fact, I named one of my heroes Simon because I didn't feel it was an oft-used name.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, PG! I later thought of a #6 - Where you get some great ideas in the shower, and use the acoustics in there to talk out some of the dialog between characters. LOL!


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