Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Even Fake People Read (And Like?) Romance Novels

Posted by: Angela Campbell
So there I was one recent morning, struggling to wake up, sipping on some caffeine-infused liquid, and browsing headlines online, when one pretty much jumped out at me:

All righty then. Naturally, I clicked on that click bait. Like some of my fellow Here Be Magic-ers, I tend to write romantic fiction set in a paranormal world, so my first thought was, I wonder if AL (I was half asleep so my eyes had originally misread A.I. as AL in the first sentence, but I thought AL worked so I immediately named Google's artificial intelligence AL) … anyway, I wonder if Al had read any of my stuff, immediately followed by, I wonder if Al liked it? Plus, does Al write reviews?

Once I stopped self-absorbing the headline, I actually read the rest of the article. Wow. Al is kind of a deep poet. I mean, I’m no poetry fanatic and I suck at poetry, but I’m pretty sure Al has me beat at deep, dark poetry prose. Click on the link above to read a sample of Al’s work.

I was curious about Al’s other creations, so I Googled more about it and only found a bunch of articles written by journalists apparently shocked that Al had picked up some good writing from reading “bodice-ripping romance novels.” Because of that stigma, you know? I hate that stigma.

I won’t go into all of the reasons I personally think romance novels are awesome, but I will praise Google for making Al a politer and more romantic fake person by reading our books. Also, someone who writes sci-fi should totally take this premise and run with it for their next sci-fi romance. Or maybe not. It kind of mirrors this movie (“Uncanny”) I watched recently on Netflix, which was OK but a little slow in parts, but I suppose it’s worth watching if you like sci-fi romance thrillers. 

Angela Campbell writes paranormal mysteries about psychics and their pet sidekicks. Learn more about her and her books at www.AngelaCampbellOnline.com.

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