Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Hopeless Romantic: When Fate Lends a Hand

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One of the most romantic moments in my life was the one where my best friend and I stood in front of our friends and family and said, "I do," after meeting and marrying in a whirlwind romance after only knowing each other ten months. That was fifteen years and a pair of identical twin boys ago. Being that I was twenty-six and had dated a lot of guys that flat out didn't fit the bill for me, I'd begun to think maybe I was getting it all wrong. I was ecstatic to know I was so wrong.

The build up began before we officially met. We were unknowingly members of the same gym. I jumped on the only treadmill that was open during that time in the afternoon, you know that time, the crazy, after-work-rush-hour-crowd trying to fit in a workout before going home for the day? Anyway, this treadmill happened to be right next to him. However, this was not the moment magic happened. There were no cherubs slinging heart arrows just yet. Very pointedly, I looked up, he looked down, and we both went back to our exercise without a second thought. (We were both pretty hardcore about fitness.)

The next time I saw him was a few weeks later while hanging with friends in Pasadena. We were looking for a Saturday night of dancing and flirting out on the town. Unfortunately, so were a zillion other people, and we had to drive down to the lowest parking level of the parking structure because all other spots were taken. We ended up parked right next to him. But this, sadly, was not the moment magic happened either, except that I recognized him as he got out of his car with his then-girlfriend. You see the problem, here.

A few months went by, and I found myself walking down the corridor of the university I was attending in order to complete my master's degree. Working and going to school was a challenge on so many levels, and I was rushing to class so as not to be late when I saw him walking down the hall. I was a bit floored at this point because this was now the third time I'd seen this guy. He noticed my stare and gave me a quick, if impersonal, smile, and yet, this too was not the moment magic happened.

The real magic happened a few quarters later when I was ready to complete my master's degree and was down to my last class, one I'd been putting off and dreading. My good friend was looking over the class schedule with me since she'd already taken this class. Instantly, she pointed to a particular section and said, "Take his class. He's got a really great class. I promise, you'll really like it."

So there I was, sitting in my final class in order to complete my degree, and guess who walks in? 


  1. Fate? Destiny? That is a fantastic love story...could it be a book? LOL Congratulations!
    sherry @ fundinmental


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