Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Cover Reveal

Posted by: Janni Nell
I’m so thrilled to reveal the cover of my new mystery, Dead Monk Walking. (Big thanks to Nicole Luiken and Maggie Lynch for helping me decide on a title.) The cover has been designed by the amazing Frauke from CrocoDesigns

Vacations are a bitch. Or maybe it’s just me.

I’m Natasha Bolde, and honestly I’m no one special. Okay, I’ve solved a few mysteries, but I’ve always worked with my best friend. Clover passed recently, and now I’m taking what should’ve been her trip of a lifetime to Cornwall, Britain. It’s just like Clover to choose a place chock full of mysteries. Why is the amnesiac wife obsessed with digging in the fields? Is the local medium genuine or a clever fake? And who exactly is the ghost hunter hunting?

I’m determined to find the answers even if it kills me.

Dead Monk Walking will be released in mid-spring 2016.

In the meantime you can check out Janni's other books here.

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